Lindsay: While I’m away in India on vacation I asked some of my favorite bloggers to fill in for me! Today’s blogger is another Seattle Style Blogger, Jean from Jean of All Trades. Her packing tips sure helped me get ready for my getaway so I hope it helps you get packed for your next big adventure!

I’m Jean White from Jean of all Trades and I’m filling in today while Lindsay is travelling. When I heard that Lindsay was heading on an adventure in India I thought about all the times I’ve travelled. I’ve never been to India but I’ve learned a few things about packing as I prepared for my own trips. I hope they help you when you get ready to travel.

I always pack light. All my things have to fit in a carry-on. I carry my suitcase on the place, which saves me any luggage fees and guarantees that I won’t lose my suitcase along the way. I usually pack a duffel bag inside the suitcase to that if I shop during my vacation I can fill it up. Then it becomes my carry-on for the way home and I check in my suitcase.

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I bring a decent-sized purse that fits my camera and Kindle and I put a clutch or wristlet inside. The wristlet keeps all my important things handy in the airport and is a great evening bag after I arrive at my destination.

Instead of packing outfits, I pack separates that all go together. This gives me more choices during my vacation so I can dress to suit the weather, events, or my mood. To make mixing and matching easier I limit patterned pieces to tops or bottoms, not both. That way, mixing is less complicated and every piece works with all the others.

I like to pack a dress and a couple of tops that I can wear over it. That way I can wear it as a dress or a skirt. I’ll add another skirt to the mix and a pair of capri pants or something looks and flowy like palazzo pants. They’re comfortable and put-together for the plane ride and the destination. Knits and jersey fabrics are my favorite. They can be rolled up in a suitcase and don’t wrinkle.

A cardigan or blazer will also change the look of an outfit. They’re great pieces to have. Jewelry and belts don’t take up much space and will help create a whole new look too.

I wear boots or my bulkiest shoes on the plane (they’d take up too much space in my suitcase) and pack a couple of other pairs of shoes that are versatile and comfortable. I spend hours on my feet every day while I’m on vacation so comfort is paramount. Getting to wear different shoes gives my feet a break too. I like ballet flats. They go with everything. A nice wedge heel sandal can take me from shopping to dinner and won’t get stuck in cobblestones or sand.

Finally, I always pack a pashmina. I wear one as a scarf on the plane and turn it into a pillow or blanket if I need to rest or I’m chilly. During my trip, I use it to dress up outfits. It makes a great shawl for chilly air-conditioned restaurants or evening excursions.

Just thinking about packing makes me want to take another trip!

What packing tips do you have for Lindsay’s readers?