Last week I was lucky enough to fly off to San Francisco for some sightseeing and fun! I have been on mid-winter break from school, and after a crazy month and a half since returning from holiday break, everyone at school needed a little recharge and reboot, including me. Visiting San Francisco is just what the doctor ordered, and even looking back through all of the photos on my camera fills me with such joy. Plus, enjoying 75 degree weather in one of the country’s most beautiful cities might just be the cure to any stress one may experience. I arrived Saturday and left Tuesday, so it was a pretty quick trip. Since time was short, I wanted to see as much as possible. I hadn’t been to San Francisco since I was sixteen, so in many ways it felt like my first visit as I rediscovered the city.

Of all the places I wanted to visit in San Francisco, the famous Painted Ladies were at the very top of my list. Although the Western Addition is filled with ornate Victorian homes, this little row between 710 and 720 Steiner Street, just across from Alamo Square Park, has become a San Francisco landmark. Also referred to as Postcard Row, these homes are often featured in mass media, and have been made famous in over seventy movies and television shows. Most people will remember them from the opening credits of the sitcom Full House. Although many fans believe the family “lived” in one of the Painted Ladies, it was actually only used for a picnic scene in the opening sequence. If you want to visit the real Full House house, you can find it at 1709 Broderick Street, about a mile from Alamo Square.

Although this quiet street with a view of San Francisco skyline attracts tourists from all over the world, 48,000 of these Victorian-style homes were built in the city between 1849 and 1915. Many Victorian mansions on Nob Hill were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, but you can find similar architecture all over San Francisco, which adds so much color and charm to the city. Just walking through this neighborhood was intoxicating, especially on such a beautiful day. If you’re ever in the area plan one quiet morning to get up, pick up some coffee, and head over to Alamo Square for a lazy breakfast in the park, and walk through the neighborhood. You won’t regret it!