When packing for any kind of trip, from a weekend getaway to a weeklong vacation, it’s important to pack items that can all mix and match. That way you can make a lot from a little and get the most of what’s crammed in your suitcase, not to mention save some room in it for some souvenirs! Last summer I put together a packing post with ideas for a weekend getaway featuring a red, white and blue color palette. I recently got the following request from reader/friend Noel…

I’ve been keeping up with your fun blog…. I looooved when you paired basics for a weekend get away. Could you do one for fall maybe pretty please?

Now how could I turn down such a sweet request? Thanks, Noel! For this fall edition I decided to stick to one of my favorite fall combos, red, black, and white. Even if you don’t stick to this exact color story, try pairing two neutrals with a pop color that you find repeating throughout your wardrobe. Black and white go with any pop color so if you’re more into purple or teal, just throw in that color in place of the red items on this list.

This time I took it a step further and put together over a week’s worth of outfits from these 8 clothing pieces. Altogether, accessories included, this is only 18 pieces to put into your carry-on. There are so many more outfits I could put together from this set of items. The possibilities are endless!

fall packing outfits

If you’re heading somewhere fun this fall, happy packing and try sticking to one color palette as I’ve shown here. You’ll save time, space in your suitcase, and the headaches that arise from trying to put together outfits from the contents of your suitcase. What are your favorite color palettes for packing? I’d love to hear your tips!

PACKING DETAILS  bomber jacket, TOPSHOP | infinity scarf, LOFT (similar) | gloves, UO | dress, 3.1 Philip Lim for Target | peplum print top, Anthropologie | red beaded necklace, Target | red cross-body bag, Banana Republic (similar) | red t-strip sandals, BC Footwear (non-suede version) | black booties, Banana Republic (similar) | red shawl collar sweater, Banana Republic (similar) | striped skirt, Banana Republic (similar) | jewel trim sweatshirt, LOFT (similar) | flower necklace, JC Penney’s (also cool) | black 5-pocket pants, Banana Republic (similar) | jeans, Hudson | black and white flats, Banana Republic (non-patent version) | black tights, Spanx | polka dot clutch, J.Crew (similar)