I love love love getting email from readers and feeling like Dear Abby for a hot second when you lovelies ask for advice. I got some great ones this week so I’ll be publishing two. The first is from reader Meghan L. from Philly who asks…mail bag

Hey Lindsay! I just stumbled on your blog while I was doing some last minute research for an upcoming trip to Seattle. I’m trying to figure out the perfect footwear solution for tromping around, keeping dry, keeping warm and still managing to look somewhat stylish, all while keeping stuff to one piece of carry-on luggage. Do you have any footwear tips? Can I get away with some nice comfortable flats or will they get ruined by rain and puddles? Thanks in advance!

This is a question I get a lot from readers who are planning a trip to Seattle and from visiting family and friends (along with requests for the perfect dinner date location, of course). Here are my go-to shoe styles for styling it up Seattle rain or shine.

metallic flats

Neutral metallic flats are great with jeans and kept neutral they will work with any top/sweater/coat/bag combo. The rain in Seattle is usually pretty light, and I may be a little more hardcore than most, but I only wear socks to the gym. At times the tops of my feet get a little chilly, but nothing I can’t handle. These are easy to pack and totally worth it.

low heeled boots

Notice I am not recommending heeled boots? To each her own, of course, but low wedge heel boots or flat riding boots are a great choice. They will keep you stylin’ and pretty even in the cold and rain and will hold up well in case you get caught in the unexpected sun/rain combo weather (trust me, it happens.) I can walk all day and night in these and never get annoyed. If you’re worried about these boots taking up too much room in your carry-on, wear them on the plane. I always wear my boots while in transit to save room in my suitcase during traveling time.

black wedges

Wedges are generally my go-to. They seriously go with everything. I wear mine with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, trousers… the list goes on and on. I wear them so much I am wearing out this pair and am on the hunt for a replacement. These are quite tall (4 inches to be exact) but you can do a wedge in your heel height of choice. I have a pair of lower heeled wedges in a neutral beige and I wear them a ton, too. I usually go for cute details like a bow or buckle on the toe for some added style.

ankle boots

Fall, winter and for some of the spring I lived in my heeled ankle boots. I loved this pair so much I bought two colors. Again with the heel height (I definitely feel most like myself in heels) but you can totally rock a lower pair like a mid heel or a flatter Chelsea boot. I wear these with skinny jeans and with skirts and dresses, too. Versatility is key. The other key? Fit. I go for rounder toes in most shoes as they are generally more comfortable on my foot for long periods of time.

rain boots

I always get asked if rain boots are a necessity in Seattle. I have a few pairs that I love (case in point above) but I have to admit usually when I wear them it’s more of a stylistic choice than a weather-related one. As previously stated, when it rains here it’s usually pretty light. Most of the time I don’t carry an umbrella and don’t use my perfectly good hood. Obviously that might have something to do with how long I’ve loved and lived in this city, but truly downpours are generally very few. And it’s spring so bring some sunglasses, just in case.

Well Meghan, I hope that helps! Of course I don’t expect that you’ll pack all of these options, but pick 2-3 based on the length of your trip that you know go with each of your outfits and events that you’ll be enjoying while in town. And above all else, enjoy your trip to Seattle in every way possible. And if you’re at all into vinyl, don’t miss Everyday Music on Capitol Hill. Who knows, we may bump into each other. Haha…