When I think about style and all of the basics that can make or break your overall look a few essentials come to mind:

1.  undergarments – The wrong undergarments can ruin your day (if they’re uncomfortable) and can ruin your look (if they’re too tight, too loose, ill-fitting it will show through your clothes.)

2.  handbags – Some people assume that one bag will go with everything.  This is often not the case.  A few options will do you wonders.

and possibly the most important is…..

3.  hair – You can’t leave it at home and you’re never without it.  How it’s cut, colored and styled say a lot about you.

I’ve made some good and bad decisions when it comes to my own hair.  My hair is super thick, wavy and course and is difficult to cut, color and style.  Each time I move the search resumes for a great stylist who has the patience to deal with me without shooting me a death glare into the mirror.

My friends like to tease me about how often I get bored with my hairstyle and I think over the years it’s been just about every color.  I prefer a thinned out and heavily layered style because it makes my super-thick hair a little more manageable for my busy life.

I go back and forth on bangs, but lately I’m feeling them again as they make me feel more feminine and a wee bit vintage, which I prefer.  I recently changed my side-swept look for full-on fringe.

I also have constantly changing ideas on the color.  I’ve been everything from blond to red to brown to black, with highlights and without and the only think I know for certain is I’m not a fan of my original mousey brown color.  When I changed the bangs my new colorist suggested I go back to all-over color and I went back to basic “so brown it’s black” which I have to admit is my comfort zone.

We’ll see how long this one lasts. It’s always an adventure!