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DSC_1405I’m so happy to help my good friend Oliver Villafuerte announce his new business venture, Oliver Beauty, which just opened its doors this month on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Oliver is a talented skin care coach and makeup artist who has worked in Seattle salons for years, done makeup for countless fashion shows, photos shoots, and events, and with his new business is offering a multitude of services to the everyday gal. From spa facials and skincare counseling to makeup lessons and recommendations, he will have your skin feeling and looking better than ever in no time.

In today’s Beauty Minute post, I’ll share our little beauty brunch in which Oliver helped me clean out the plethora of makeup I had stacked up in my cupboards, guided me on improving my skin care routines, what should go in my everyday makeup bag, and gave me in depth tutorials that resulted in some major a-ha’s (stuff my mama didn’t teach me about makeup). He also designed two perfect-for-me makeup looks using the contents of my own makeup bag.

For all the details, tips, and photos, join me after the jump.



 Getting Started

The first step was gathering up all of my various makeup bags hidden in my cabinets. Oliver laid out all of my makeup on my dining table and opened each item so we could see them all at once. It reminded me of the makeup tables at a fashion shoot, and it was fun seeing everything I had accumulated in one place. I knew I had a fair amount of products, but holy wow! I have a lot of makeup!

DSC_0118 2

Me, with no makeup, when Oliver arrived.

Oliver asked me lots of questions to get to know my skincare habits and makeup routines. Currently I use Repêchage Hydra Medic Face Wash at night followed by Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (toner), and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. In the mornings before work I wash my face and don’t apply any moisturizer or product before putting on makeup. 

I hate to admit this, but most days I do commuter makeup while I’m sitting in traffic on the way to work. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. There’s enough lag time that I can get it all done before I get to work. For this reason, I keep an everyday makeup bag which is usually in my car and keep older or special occasion items in other makeup bags in my bathroom cabinet. I often let my everyday bag get cluttered with old things that I should probably throw out. Plus, I get a fair amount of products sent to me or from attending fashion and beauty events so I’ve got several things that probably won’t ever really work for me.

Oliver Recommends

Cleansing & Moisturizing | Oliver told me my skin was overly dry, not because that’s it’s natural state, but because I was over-cleansing and not moisturizing nearly enough. Oliver suggested some changes to my cleansing routine to help. First, he suggested removing makeup with an oil cleanser (I’m using Julep’s Bare Face Cleansing Oil) before using face wash. Next, he said I should skip the toner because it was stripping my face of any moisture. He also thought I should start moisturizing in the morning after splashing my face with water, sans face wash. All of these practices would help me build back my skin’s natural moisture, which would help my powder foundation look more natural.

Makeup Brushes | Makeup artists always tout the importance of makeup brushes and although I totally understand, this is an area I tend to ignore. Oliver recommends people should wash makeup brushes once a week, suggesting Sundays as a good routine before starting the new week. Left to dry through the afternoon and evening they will be all set Monday morning. Oliver also selected poor quality or overused brushes for me to throw out. The worst offenders were the makeup brushes that I got from Bare Escentuals, which seem to disintegrate each day starting with the first use. They used to cover me in little bristles that had broken off. Ditching these brushes was essential. Oliver suggested sticking to synthetic hair brushes as they are easier to clean, maintain shape, and last longer.

Watching Oliver work with my makeup, it was fun to see him use brushes I’d had for years in ways I’d never even thought of. Between using different colors he cleaned old color off with a paper towel, a quick way to freshen them up. This kept the colors from looking muddy. Since seeing him in action I’ve been trying all those brushes I’ve had forever but didn’t know what they were for. Takeaway? Brushes are a big deal.

Foundation | I’ve been a longtime user of Bare Escentuals, a powder foundation system. Oliver warned me that this product can often look chalky and with my non-moisturizing habits that made a lot of sense to me as I recalled times it didn’t look quite right. Oliver said making over my cleansing and moisturizing routine would make a world of difference. He told me that Bare Escentuals really only world for 20% of people and if it works, great, but to be open to other options in the future. I had a few samples of liquid foundations that, although they weren’t my color, showed me that liquid foundation can be comfortable and lovely, too. You just have to find the right one for you.

I’ve been using Prime Time before applying my foundation, which is a silicone based product meant to help makeup hold all day long. Because it’s made of silicone, it can block moisture from the skin, which was also affecting my skin’s health. Moisturizing before primer holds moisture into the skin all day, creating a healthier face.

Eyes | Oliver pulled out all my eyeshadows and told me that I officially don’t need anymore eye shadow. He helped me throw out some that didn’t work for my complexion, mostly shades of brown. He agreed that greys and beiges are better for me and encouraged me to use more golds, shimmery shadows, and color. He told me to try an eye primer, made specifically to help eyeshadows last all day. He said this should be different from your regular primer as it’s not best for the skin around the eyes. He saved some bold colors like a green palette and a lavender palette that I’d hardly touched and suggested I try them for special occasions.


Oliver starts makeup by doing eyes first. Here’s a shot of his work layering in the eyeshadow colors.

I didn’t watch Oliver apply my makeup, but I tried to remember the feeling of what he did. One thing I noticed was, when applying my signature liquid liner (“You’re starting to look like Lindsay!” said Oliver while he was putting it on…) he started the brush at the center of my eyelid. I always start in the corner of my eye. When I asked him about it, he said it was just easier for him that way. I’ve tried it everyday since and it’s amazing. Now I start in the middle, work my way to the inside corner and outside corner, then add on the wing at the end. I’ve been so much more accurate the first time with this technique. Oliver also taught me how to apply eyeshadow correctly. He said, “Pressing deposits color, sweeping blends color.” For so many years I’ve always swept my brushes across my eyelids and not much color holds on. I go over it again and again. I need to press first, then blend it together to get the color I crave. Oliver also suggested I do eyes first, foundation second. This is an idea I still find crazy, but he says it gives everything a softer look. That’s how he applied all my makeup in these photos.

Lip Colour | I had a ton of lipsticks but only a couple lip glosses. Most of the lip glosses I had were ones that had been sent to me by beauty companies. I’ve never really been a gloss girl, but Oliver encouraged me to keep one with me and find one I liked best. I went for the Julep gloss in Lively, one I had and have since fallen in love with it. It’s a more casual clean look, but a little prettier than a quick swipe of Burt’s Bees.

Going through my lipsticks with Oliver was super fun. He agreed with me about my favorite colors, NARS Schiap and especially Heat Wave. He also gave me some tips about mixing colors to offer more options and to alter colors I’d purchased that were just slightly off, like a nude color I bought from MAC and have barely used. There was one  color I hadn’t worn much, Clinique Merlot, but Oliver said he thought it was my color. He used it on me in one of the makeup looks he put together with my makeup (more info and photos below).

Makeup Look #1 | Daytime  Fresh

makeup look 1

This is the finished look Oliver put together first. Oliver went for a refined version of my everyday style. He emphasized the importance of keeping a daytime liquid liner subtle to prevent it from looking too vintage or overdone. I really loved how soft it looked. That was because Oliver did the eyes first. Instead of my Burt’s Bees, Oliver used a natural lipstick color I had forgotten I had. It’s the perfect daytime color.

Makeup Look #2 | Evening Sultry

makeup look 2

Oliver added a little grey shadow beneath my lower lashes to add a more sultry look. It also really softened the overall look of my eyes. To switch things up, Oliver transitioned me into Clinique Merlot, a deeper burgundy red I got in a free gift. I’d always thought the color made me look…old. Oliver whole-heartedly disagreed and said it was a softer red than the bold NARS Heat Wave I loved so much and a good alternative when I wanted to go bold, but not that bold. I really love how this look came out.

In the past I’ve done posts about the contents of my makeup bag, but I think it’s time for a new edition. Soon I’ll photograph what ended up in my everyday makeup bag and my reserve bag.

To get in touch with Oliver and book your own skin care and makeup makeover appointment, visit the Oliver Beauty, or like Oliver Makeup on Facebook.