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Lindsay: I get a lot of questions about my beauty routines, but more than anything I get asked about my hair. While out with friends on Saturday night it was a hot topic of discussion with a few acquaintances at the bar, too!  Although I love it now, growing up with insane thick hair (in the days before the flat iron!) drove me crazy. Over the years, through trial and error and with the help of my amazing stylist) I’ve figured out not only how to manage it, but to love it.  

Read on for details on each of my favorite products. 

1. Conair Paddle Brush | I couldn’t live without a proper hair brush. I favor the large, square paddle kind and Conair makes a great brush that lasts a long time. I also have a mini travel Conair brush in my handbag.

2. Kerestase Sublimateur Jour Leave-In Conditioner | I tend to have dead ends if I don’t pile on the moisture. This product, suggested by my stylist, has been a miracle and keeps my hair soft and smooth.

3. HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron | Since receiving this from my friends at Misikko I have totally fallen in love. It’s the best flat iron I’ve ever used.

4. Conair Wide Tooth Comb | I have a lot of hair and I detangle after washing it with this wide tooth comb.

5. Up and Up Baby Powder | I only wash my hair about three times per week. To keep it clean and healthy looking I dry out ends with a sprinkle of baby powder.

6. Biolage Color Care Shampoo | I’ve tried everything. Literally everything. This is the best shampoo for my thick and often dry colored hair and it keeps the color looking great for months. Worth every penny.

7. Biolage Color Care Conditioner | Ditto for this amazing conditioner!

8. Tresemme Tres Two Hairspray | I love Tres Two because it’s nice and lightweight while keeping everything in place. I use it when curling  my hair

9. Tigi Bed Head Rock Star Hair Dryer with Diffuser | I found this hair dryer at TJ Maxx and was in desperate need for a new one. It’s been great so far, but my biggest complaint is that the heat of the dryer has totally torn up the lining of the diffuser, which for me is a critical piece of any hair dryer. It’s a decent one, but I may be on the hunt for a new one soon.

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