I was recently invited to try the Express Blowdry service at local hair salon Gene Juarez and I (literally) jumped at the chance! You mean I don’t have to do my own hair that day? Should I bring it in clean? No? Sweet! I promptly scheduled my appointment for the day after we returned from NYC predicting I’d have flat, icky plane hair and I was right (See above before icky photo taken in the Gene Juarez lobby). Ew.

Upon entering their upscale, fourth-floor salon in downtown Seattle I got the star treatment: monogrammed robe, glass of lemon water and a full service wash-dry-and-style from stylist Geraldine who was cute as a button with a super-sized top-knot to match. She asked how I wanted my hair styled and offered the round brush technique which gave me full, bouncy curls that lasted all day long and even the day after without falling. Amazing!

You, too can get the star treatment for just $35 at your local Gene Juarez or the next time you’re in the Emerald City. Totally worth it for any event, or random Monday as in my case 😉