fading hair color

I’ve been contemplating a change in my hair color for quite some time. Although I’m 30, I’ve yet to find a grey hair (lucky genetics, I suppose…) and while I still can, I’ve been pondering the idea of enjoying my natural hair color. Last spring my colorist and I attempted to chemically lighten my hair with results I was never totally thrilled with. When you bring out the color chemically, brunettes have a tendency to go golden or even orangey and as we kept going (it takes several appointments, much moolah, and can really damage your hair) I just felt less and less like myself. Midsummer I was thrilled to go “back to black” so to speak. I even solicited your advice with a poll.

Fast forward many months and summer is greeting me again and putting thoughts in my head about going au natural with my locks. With a new colorist (Tony, the amazing guy who took me back to my black comfort zone) agreeing with me that going natural might be a fun change, I was up for round 2 of achieving my school girl natural beauty. I haven’t had my natural hair color since I was in the sixth grade. His suggestion? Stop coming to see him for three months. What? Come again? I’d never considered just stopping dying my hair altogether, but Tony told me that getting active in the summer sun and washing with a drug store brand (I’m using Pantene original formula) that my hair would gradually fade and get closer and closer to my natural. I was shocked at his honesty considering he’d be losing my business for the next three months, and I have to admit that was the highest integrity move I’ve ever gotten from anyone in the service industry. Suffice it to say I’ll be his client for life and will recommend him to everyone who asks (Tony, senior colorist at Gene Juarez Downtown Seattle, btw…).

So we’ll see. I’m going to let my color fade away through September and then make an appointment with Tony to assess the situation. I’m pretty excited to see where it leads. Do you have any experience getting back to your “natural” hair color? Do share in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your story!