I’ve gotten lots of lovely compliments on my hair lately and I have to say a big thank you for the comment love. It’s nice to hear considering we’re often hardest on ourselves. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair for most of my life. Although I can recognize that it makes me “me” I often hated the results of stressed stylists discovering that my hair was a little thicker than they were comfortable with. Luckily I sought out a super stylist here in Seattle who can tame the beast.

If you’ve been following since the beginning then you may remember this post in which I detailed most of the styles and colors I have explored since I college. While sorting through photos for 7 Things About My Childhood I came across the photo above from college.

In the sorority we took composite photos every year that were framed and hung on the wall in our house. One of the fun things of living in a house so old and full of history was examining the old composites from years past and imagining how a home so familiar might have been long ago. Since all of the girls wore the same black tops it was always the hair that set them apart. Thinking about my own photo nestled in between some of the other gorgeous gals from my house, I always worried about my hair and was never certain if it came out right.  Looking back I don’t know what I was ever worried about. It’s funny how time can do that to you.

Happy hair, ladies.