Just a few days ago my little blog turned three. I can’t believe it. I started it back on November 30th, 2010 after I became frustrated with my style and consumed by personal style blogs. I felt like I was in a rut, didn’t have a clear point of view anymore when it came to my look. I’d always been a confident person and always enjoyed getting dressed and trying new things. But that fall, in my first year teaching, I wasn’t feeling like myself and needed a vehicle to help me figure it all out. Enter Lindsay Living.

There are so many great things about blogging. True, it’s time consuming, and arduous at times, but for me the benefits have always outweighed the negatives. I’ve gotten to do some amazing things, like work with companies and be on television last spring, one of those bucket list moments I’ll never forget. I’ve met some amazing girls as a result, a few of whom I’m hoping will continue to become better and better friends. Your sweet comments and personal stories really comforted me during my divorce and so many of you have inspired me in many ways.  But above all else, this blog has helped me to get back to me; the truest version of myself. I feel confident. I wear what I want and I own it. I hope to continue blogging here for a long time.

This week I’ll be sharing some photos from the past three years, including this gallery of head shots. Although my hair has stayed relatively the same all these years, it’s changed a bunch in length and color and I’ve tried some different things with the style. I’ve really changed the way I do my makeup, most notably switching to black liquid liner which has since become my trademark. It’s fun to see how I’ve evolved over these last three years. Head back for more flashback photos later this week.