When Misikko.com wanted to send me their top of the line flat iron to review, I jumped at the chance. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with flat irons ever since they became popular my freshman year in college. On the one hand, I’d been trying to “flatten” my hair with my  hair dryer for years but my hair always came out fluffy and straw-like; over-dried from years of heated torture. I quickly became addicted to my old Hot Tools flat iron (circa 2001), but it fell apart and tore up my hair. Although it was more effective in flattening my bouncy, curly hair than my hair dryer, it did more damage than good.

Flash forward to my most recent CHI flat iron, which did a better job, but unfortunately never got hot enough to keep my hair from bouncing up later in the day (not to mention it died in December).  Suffice it to say I was skeptical that the HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron from Misikko would offer up different of results.

The Rundown

1. I have really insane hair. It’s crazy thick and heavily thinned out by my skilled stylist. To really test the HANA flat iron‘s skills, I showered the night before and slept on my hair so it was really goofy when I woke up. To make matters even more challenging, I didn’t even style it until after 4:00pm.

2. After a quick blow-dry to smooth things out you can see it was still pretty gnarly.

3. I heated up the HANA flat iron to it’s top setting, 450 degrees. It got hot super quick and I immediately got to work. The silicone mat they sent me along with the flat iron made me feel a little more comfortable putting it on my countertop.

4. I’m not one to pin up sections of my hair and systematically straighten it. Frankly, I just don’t have the time (or the desire) to spend an hour straightening my hair. Here’s a shot of the halfway point. I was shocked at the dramatic results.  Usually when I let my hair go wild that long it’s a lost cause and I have to wash it all over again!

Final Thoughts?
I would definitely recommend this HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron to anyone and everyone! This Korean haircare company knows what they are doing. And a big thanks to Misikko.com for sending it my way. I am enjoying having lovely straight hair that lasts all day long.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Misikko.com is a sponsor of Lindsay Living. The HANA Professional flat iron was sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own.