*Over the next several weeks I am going to introduce you to some of my fellow Seattle Style Bloggers through some brief interviews and some of their best outfit shots.  These gals are gorgeous, gracious and fun, and I am excited to introduce you to them!

Meet T.A.  She’s the sweet and talented blogger behind Hurnrningbird, a beauty blog based here in Seattle.  With a train case full of makeup options she says she used to have a tendency to go for the same colors, especially in eyeshadows, until she found herself drawn to more exciting hues.  She is truly fearless when it comes to exploring new looks and has really inspired me to look at something new when it comes to my

L: When did you start your blog? What got you interested in blogging?
TA: I started my blog in January of 2011. I was interested in blogging as a hobby of sorts to somehow journal my different make-up looks throughout the year, and also as a way to practice shooting my Nikon D60 I received for Christmas of 2009.

L: How would you define your personal beauty style?
My makeup style is fun and easy-going. Fun because, I like to utilize a variety of different colors into my look each day so that it’s never the same as a makeup look I’ve done previously. (I get bored of over-using the same products over and over again). And easy-going because I prefer make-up looks that are wearable. I think there is a time and a place for every look and that everyday doesn’t need to be editorial. For me, its more about enhancing your natural beauty – naturally.

L: How does living in the Seattle area and your lifestyle here affect your makeup choices?
TA: I love living in Seattle because we actually have seasons! Because of this I take from the different colors in nature and try to incorporate them into my makeup.

L: What is the best part about blogging? What is the most challenging?
TA: The best part about blogging is hearing from others. I love comments and receiving emails regarding my blog, whether it be a question or just a simple ‘hello’. I love it all! The most challenging part for me, is keeping upwith it. I work and go to school and sometimes I feel like there’s just not enough time in the day! (I’m sure you can relate). But once I actually finish a post, I feel so accomplished 🙂

L: What item(s) do you think every woman should have in her makeup collection?
TA: Definitely concealer. I have dark circles under my eyes, and regardless of how much sleep I get each night, so concealer helps dramatically to correct this annoying issue. A little bit of concealer underneath the eyes really helps to brighten up & smooth out everyone’s overall complexion. Not to mention after eyeshadow, it sweeps away any fallout. Truly my favorite.

L: What are your favorite blogs to read?
TA: My favorite blogs to read are about fashion and of course makeup. I like fashion blogs because I’ll admit, I can use a little help in that category. And I love makeup blogs because there is always something you can learn from others. I believe that you’re never done learning.

Isn’t she great?  Don’t forget to visit T.A. at her blog Hurnrningbird for some more makeup tips and inspiration!