As I revealed in a recent post, I am relatively new to waxing. I got a bikini wax once when I was 20 and had such a painful and discomforting experience that I never wanted to return to this dark art of hair removal. That is, until I was invited to Waxing the City. There’s something about this place that just changed my mind altogether. Maybe it was the kind and caring staff, the delicate wax, incredible skills of the estheticians, or laughs I had with people I’ll enjoy checking in with each month. Today I’ll be sharing all about my experiences and why I’ll be making Waxing the City a part of my regular beauty routine.


The new Waxing the City location in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle is in a beautiful new building and is gorgeous inside. Exposed brick, hardwood floors, modern furniture and a photo collage behind the front desk make it fresh, fun and inviting to this interior design nerd. Make sure to arrive at your appointment early so you can enjoy the calming ambiance, fill out intake paperwork, and peruse their product offerings. My favorite is the refreshing Clean wash from i love my muff. Waxing the City has a range of products from this awesome company. Plus, that might be the best company name in history…just sayin’.

Once ready, your esthetician will pick you up and give you the skinny on the room set-up and procedures. The rooms are elegantly appointed with skyline photography, comfortable tables and even a cell phone charging station for you to use during your service. My esthetician Nicole is absolutely darling. I can’t say enough about her. I was so nervous at my first appointment and she immediately put me at ease. She’s incredibly kind, and sweet and we chatted away about TV, dating, waxing and life. Every appointment since I feel like I can’t wait to see her! I must say, having such a personable esthetician to work with makes the process 1oo times easier.

But that’s not all. Wax matters. Waxing the City uses an exclusive blue, hard wax for the face and sensitive body areas. It shrink-wraps the hair and lifts easily—while soothing, exfoliating, and softening the skin. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t at all painful, and certainly the first time was the worst, but it was nothing like I remembered it from my torturous waxing experience from long ago. Once I got used to the feeling, Nicole and I just kept on chatting right through the process and before I knew it, it was all complete!

The greatest thing about this whole waxing thing has been the difference in hair growth since my initial wax. I’d always heard that waxing often results in limited regrowth, and that was certainly true in my case. Even from the first to the second appointments the difference was huge. This has been a little added bonus. Less regrowth means less pain each time I go in. I went for the full brazilian, but Waxing the City offers a full range of services for keeping both men and women smooth in all the right places. If you’re at all curious, I would highly encourage you to give waxing a try, especially at one of these awesome studios. If you’re in Seattle, book your appointment at Waxing the City Ballard. If not, peruse the many other locations across the country.

I wanted to send out a very special congratulations to the winner of the $100 Waxing the City gift card giveaway that I posted a couple of weeks ago! Congratulations to Natasha J. I’ll be emailing your information to the staff at Waxing the City Seattle, so look for that in your inbox. Thanks so much to Waxing the City for providing this special prize, and to everyone who participated. Have a smooth weekend!

*Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary services from Waxing the City for this post. The $100 Waxing the City Gift Card was generously provided by the Ballard, Seattle location. That said, all opinions are my own and I’ve been so satisfied with my service I’ve become a regular customer.