Amazon Beauty screenshot 2

I recently had the exciting experience of filming a couple of editorial videos for Amazon Beauty! This was a totally new kind of project for me and was my first official acting gig! It was thrilling being on set and learning the ropes in these simple videos. You’d be surprised how much work goes into a little 1:30 video! I can’t say enough about the fantastic team at Amazon, too! They were all so warm and welcoming to this newbie, and my director even joked that it was time to get my SAG card. I was happy to hear that considering I was preoccupied with being perfect every take. I’m hoping some more of these opportunities will come my way soon. It was a fantastic couple of days!

Click the photo above to visit Amazon and watch it for yourself. This video features the amazing skincare line from Burt’s Bees and I must say every product truthfully lives up to the promise of the brand. It’s moisture-rich and hydrating, perfect for the upcoming winter months. Each of the products highlighted in the video have shop-able links in the sidebar, too. I have another video coming up soon and promise to share when it goes live.