This week Katy just asked us one question…

So far, what have been the 5 hardest blogging lessons you’ve learned during this process and have helped make you a better blogger as a result?

  1. A good camera goes a long way. As you can tell from the above photos (first ever daily outfit on the left, most recent on the right) I found out rather quickly that my old compact camera left something to be desired.  It got super frustrating to take photos and edit photos and once I knew I was serious about blogging (and photography for that matter) I invested in a better camera.  Although I still have dreams of bigger and better cameras and editing software, this one purchase made a HUGE difference in the quality of my blog.  If your blog is photo heavy like mine, good photos are key.  And although I can’t always take photos outside (damn tripod broke…) it’s always my goal because natural lighting and dynamic backgrounds light up my whole blog.
  2. Make some buddies!  It makes blogging much more fun…and easier! For the first month or so of blogging I wasn’t getting a lot of hits and wasn’t feeling connected to any other blogs.  Once I started thinking about it, I found myself jealous of the blog friendships that I saw on blogs I read.  I realized that these bloggers were going out of their way to connect with each other, not only by leaving comments on each other’s blogs, but also by following each other on Twitter, communicating on Twitter and by email, and connecting through groups like Friend Friday.  Since joining Friend Friday I have learned so much from others and through other groups like Everybody Everywear I have found a ton more blogs to follow and chat with.  I’ve also connected to some other Seattle bloggers and we’re planning a meetup!  Yay for fun!
  3. Spend as much time on others as you’d like them to spend on you. If hearing from your readers is important to you, you have to give what you’d like to get.  I read blogs because I love getting to know people and their style whether it be decor or fashion.  Naturally I want to be a part of the conversation so I leave comments.  Then I realized I was commenting mostly on the big blogs that already have tons of commenters.  Not that I should refrain from commenting when I want to, but I ultimately find it more satisfying to comment on blogs where I am more likely to get a response.  It makes me want to go back and visit often and makes me feel like I’m really getting to know the blogger behind the posts. The most fun I have blogging can be commenting back and forth regularly with bloggers that engage in the conversation.
  4. If something feels tedious, just let it go. Blogging is supposed to be fun, right?  So why waste time working on stuff that you aren’t 100% into.  Some weeks I do a Music Monday post and some weeks I do a Friend Friday post.  Some weeks life gets in the way or I’m just not in the mood and these scheduled posts do not occur.  I love both features, but sometimes it’s just too much to load into a week.  I used to feel bad about this, but my life and sanity are more important that feature posts on my blog.  Also, if you feel like a challenge is not for you or feel peer pressured into joining up, take a moment to consider whether it fits your blog’s mission  and purpose.  Bottom line, if it feels more like a chore than the good clean fun it should be, step away.
  5. Do you and do your best. No matter what your blog is about, make sure it reflects you and what is important to you.  Get inspiration from others, but make sure that your blog showcases what is unique about you.  Once you’ve figured out the focus and intent of your blog, remember the old adage quality over quantity.  You’ll get a much better response from your posts if you put your all into each one and spread them out through the week than you will if you throw any old thing up every single day.  I often get caught up in posting everyday and showing every single outfit.  I find it’s better if I pick and choose the best outfits, take the best possible photos and put a lot of thought into what I write.

What blogging lessons have you learned?