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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of going for dinner and bubble tea with some of my favorite bloggers. Fran of Franish was in town on yet another adventure before she heads off to medical school in the fall. She came to visit her friend Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose, and along with a ton of Seattle sight-seeing she wanted to meet up with some local bloggers. Enter Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns who rallied up Katrina of Demure Muse and myself for a yummy Vietnamese dinner in the International District, followed by Katrina’s favorite thing in the world, and something Fran had never tried in her life: bubble tea. I hadn’t had bubble tea since undergrad, literally! When I lived in the U-District it was as ubiquitous as pizza and all-nighters. It was a total blast from the past and such fun with Fran who was new to the whole tapioca in a drink thing.

I am so totally stealing these photos from Fran, not only because she got some adorable shots (thanks, Fran!) but because I brought my DSLR and somehow never pulled it out. Go figure. If you haven’t visited these super cool gals please do so immediately! You can also read more about Fran’s Seattle adventures here, here, and here.