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I love blogs. Just about as much as I love coffee. Well, that’s a huge thing to say, but you get the point, right? In order to celebrate some of my amazing fellow style bloggers and share some blogs with you, I’ve decided to start a new series here at Lindsay Living called Featured Blogger. My goal is to share one new blog and blogger with you each month. I’ll also feature a picture and link to them on the top of my Blog Love page that month, too.
For my first featured blogger I selected someone who I’ve followed for a long time time, Sorren Isler of Classic Noise. Her blog has taken me through not only her style and it’s constant evolution, but it’s also let us readers in on a lot of her personal moments like her recent wedding. Sorren not only has enviable style and a closet to die for, but she’s got a sweet and personal writing style that makes you feel like you’re getting to know her in a real way. Not to mention her photos are some of the most gorgeous photos out there in the blog world.
I’ll be asking each blogger five questions and sharing some of their favorite outfits and some of my favorite outfits of theirs, too. Check out Sorren’s answers after the jump.



1. What made you want to blog about personal style?

I began style blogging while in marketing at a business park at a defence engineering company. Spending the day around engineers and ex-military was a very casual environment. After a while I needed some inspiration to dress beyond the too-big-for-me-feels-like-sweats slacks and cardigan I’d grown accustomed to. I found this inspiration in the personal style blogging community and I held myself accountable with the blog.


2. What mostly inspires your outfit choices?
Definitely my mood. I tend to float in a mix of feminine, preppy, modern and edgy while maintaining a dash of classic in every outfit.

Eshataki Dress_classicnoise-3

3. What’s one of your favorite outfits you’ve ever posted?
Oh my, it has to be this one


This piece has been in my closet for years. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it until this year but I’m so glad I waited because the background we lucked out on was just perfect!

4. Where do you find the best deals while out shopping? Favorite find?

When I was in Halifax I had this down to a science. Almost a year later in Montreal, I’m just starting to figure out where to go. Add in the fact I recently picked up Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion and I’ve been thrown into a bit of a shopping flux.

That said, no matter the circumstance,
my goal is : to find good quality items on sale
my motto is : go often, buy rarely and try on everything

My favourite find is the robbi & nikki dress I picked up at Foreign Affair last year. Great quality, fits like a glove and a great price (70% off)!


5. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read lately? Why?

Ring my Bell by Ashley Madekwe. I love her mix of style, jumping from classic one day to edgy the next, and her tone – such a sweetheart! Her style mix makes it a great blog to check out when searching for inspiration, especially because even though she owns beautiful pieces her outfits are usually achievable using your own closet (1, 2, 3). This is great for those days you just need a little help (no sleep, hot nights)!

Thank you, Sorren for sharing your style and ideas with us! Please visit her blog, Classic Noise. If you’re interested in being my featured blogger for the month of August please email me at lindsayliving@gmail.com.