Hello lovelies! I feel so behind on my blog posts and after last week’s crazy cheese slicing incident, but I’m finally getting back on track. I’ve got some outfits stored up, but best of all I’ve been saving these photos from our first ever Seattle Blogger Meetup! We got together on Saturday March 26th at this groovy little bar called Shelter Lounge and had some laughs over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It’s a funny thing to meet fashion bloggers in person.  You feel like you know them from reading their blogs and then all of the sudden the pictures and witty stories have come to life!  (That didn’t seem so awkward in my head, I promise!)

From L to R: Liz, me, AndreaEmily, Kimmie and Amber Lena

My Outfit Dress: Rebecca Taylor thrifted, cardigan: Banana Republic, scarf: thrifted, belt: TJ Maxx, tights: Spanx, booties: Sofft via Nordstrom.

Quite the gorgeous group, am I right? We attempted a pigeon-toed serious style blogger pose, but to no avail.  Truly we were all giggles! I think I see all of the spring trends right there in these photographs. Floral, color blocking, maxi dress, and a wee bit of menswear influence as well. I love all of these girls and it’s a fun group because we’re similar enough to have lots in common, but diverse enough to keep things interesting. I can’t wait for our next meetup and possibly a thrifting trip in our future…