*Over the next several weeks I am going to introduce you to some of my fellow Seattle Style Bloggers through some brief interviews and some of their best outfit shots. These gals are gorgeous, gracious and fun, and I am excited to introduce you to them!

Although Teal of Expecting Chic wasn’t able to make it to our first Seattle Style Blogger meet-up back in March, I quickly fell for her and her blog.  As someone who often contemplates having a baby but is not quite ready, Teal makes it seem more doable somehow.  I think it’s because she blogged through her pregnancy and had amazing looks throughout.  And now that she’s got a newborn, things in the style department don’t seem to have changed much.  She’s still this amazingly stylish girl and inspires me to get creative with my closet; my favorite thing in  a style blogger.

Lindsay: When did you start your blog? What got you interested in blogging?
Teal: I started my blog when I was pregnant and saw there was a lack of style inspiration for mamas-to-be. It seemed like you were either forced to shell out the big bucks for nine months worth of clothing in order to look nice or you were relegated to muu-muus. I wanted to prove that you don’t have to compromise your personal style just because your shape and maternal status have changed and you also don’t have to spend a million bucks in the process. In fact, most of my “maternity wear” came right out of my pre-pregnancy closet. My blog’s motto: Mommy does not equal matronly. Now that I’ve had my son, I strive to keep from falling into the stereotype of elastic waistband mom jeans and anchorwoman-bobbed hair. I want to be who I have always been, just new and improved.

L: How would you define your personal style?
T: I’m all over the map, but I favor timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down over the years. Classic stripes, designer denim, knee high boots and neutral tones always draw me in, but I also favor flowing, bohemian style clothes whenever possible, especially in the summer. So in Seattle, you’ll see me in hippie chic about twelve days a year. Wink.

Teal in some of her pre-baby looks.

L: How does living in the Seattle area and your lifestyle here affect your style choices?
T: Layers, layers, layers. I moved here from California about two years ago so I had to really beef up my coat collection. But I have found the old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Seattle, just wait five minutes” to be true, so I wear tons of layers, like cardigans over tanks or jackets over blouses. However, my wardrobe has altered a bit in the past few months since I’ve been on maternity leave and I’m still trying to figure out my post-baby size. Flat shoes have come into heavy rotation, leaving many of my favorite heels pouting at me from my closet’s interior.

L: What is the best part about blogging? What is the most challenging?
T: Blogging keeps me focused on my pre-pregnancy vow: to not completely lose sight of who I have always been now that I am a mom. I think it is important to you and your kids to be true to yourself, and for me, personal style is a big part of daily expression. In other words, it keeps me out of yoga pants and sweatshirts…at least in public. And therein lies the challenge. As a new mom, it is hard to find the time, let alone the energy, to doll up every day. But once I do, my mood is instantly lifted, even if my adorable little boy does spit up on my silk shirt. (Note to new moms: keep the silk shirts in the closet for a few more months.)

Teal, post-baby, transitions back into style without the bump.

L: What item do you think every woman should have in her closet?
T: I preach about affordability and I practically live at H&M, but I will sell my spleen for a killer pair of jeans. Invest in designer denim; it is so worth it. You can’t put a price tag on a pair of jeans that make your butt look fantastic even in the worst department store changing room lighting (I’m talking to you, Macy’s).

L: What are your favorite blogs to read?
T: I really enjoy Kendi Everyday and Adored Austin because besides being adorable, those are some witty, funny ladies. I also enjoy blogs where I feel the blogger truly wears what they showcase and its not just styling for the camera. Even if its not my personal taste, I can always get some style inspiration. Outside of the personal style genre but staying in fashion, I’m addicted to Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay and the Fug Girls at Go Fug Yourself. I come for the clothes but I stay for the laughs.

I can feel my anxiety about mommy style just melting away.  She is so inspiring! Now zip right over and check out some more of Teal’s looks both pre and post-baby at her blog Expecting Chic.