*Over the next several weeks I am going to introduce you to some of my fellow Seattle Style Bloggers through some brief interviews and some of their best outfit shots.  These gals are gorgeous, gracious and fun, and I am excited to introduce you to them!

Today’s blogger interview is with Amber Lena of Fashion Bargainista.  I started following Lena’s blog leading up to our first Seattle Style Blogger Meetup, and have totally fallen for her creativity and unwavering commitment to putting together stylish looks for less.

Lindsay: When did you start your blog?  What got you interested in blogging? Amber Lena: My style blog is actually my second blog. I started blogging as an outlet to write about my postpartum depression after unexpectedly expecting identical twin girls. During my PPD struggles, I turned to the internet for solace, and found so much inspiration in twin mommy blogs, and one in particular, by Jane Roper on Babble.com. Her twin girls, Elsa and Clio are four months older than my girls, and she also struggled with depression. After blogging at www.TaoOfTwins.com for about a year, I wanted something less serious, so I started blogging about my love for bargain clothing/shoe shopping. That was last May. I had no idea that style blogging was such a big phenomenon!

L: How would you define your personal style? AL: I’m a hippy at heart, but I also love to dress up a bit, be snazzy and have fun with fashion! I guess I you could say I’m Bohemian Chic. As I get older (I’m 36), I find myself getting more daring with trying a trend or wearing something that I might not have 10 years ago – life is too short! That said, I try to encourage women to dress for their body type, as I have learned to do.

L: How does living in the Seattle area and your lifestyle here affect your style choices? AL: I read on one of the other Seattle bloggers’ sites that we have cool/cold weather for 10 months out of the year – its so true! In short, layering is a must! The other day when it hit 60, I actually felt a bit freaked out thinking about styling my outfits without using scarves or layering! I also think Seattle has a style all its own, but I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it different from other locations.

L: What is the best part about blogging?  What is the most challenging? AL: I love the feedback I get from my friends. When someone I know asks me for advice or wants me to help them with their style, I’m so flattered! I’ve also met people that I would have never met – I love that! Most challenging is taking my own pictures! Its also difficult to find a balance – I want to enjoy the time that I spend on my blog and not feel like its an obligation.

L: What item(s) do you think every woman should have in her closet? AL: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: a professionally fitted bra.

L: What are your favorite blogs to read? AL: I’ll be honest; I’m more likely to read a blog when I can relate to the blogger. I’m often drawn towards small town bloggers. I’m also a mama, so while the style of a young, single New York socialite is fun to look at, I’m not likely to come back on a regular basis. Finally, if a blogger has curves, and embraces her curves like I do, I’m hooked!

Don’t forget to check out Amber Lena at her blog by visiting www.fashionbargainista.com.