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DSC_1344 DSC_1345DSC_1347DSC_1343me, Bri, Fran, & Katrina

It’s been a great summer so far, and one of the highlights was seeing good blogging buddy Fran in town last week! You may know her from her blog, Franish, and these other lovely ladies, Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose and Katrina of The Demure Muse. Fran is currently in medical school across the country, and last year we were lucky enough to get a visit before she began her program. She’s now done with year 1 and I’m so glad she made it back to Seattle for another visit (thus the part deux). Last time she was in town it was just us girls out for dinner and bubble tea, but this time we brought the boys with us and the eight of us went for a great dinner at Barrio here on Capitol Hill (which I highly recommend, it’s so great!). Fran was here just about the same time last year and the weather was just the same; perfectly warm and beautiful.

We talked a little about the blogs, but mostly just enjoyed catching up on each other’s lives, in person for a change instead of just via blog, and of course snapped some photos, or rather my sweet boyfriend J. did for us. It’s so funny how you can meet people online through something silly and simple like taking pictures of what you wear, and find amazing friends, even those who live across the country. Love that and these girls to pieces.

MY OUTFIT  dress, alya via Francesca’s | shoes Fergalicious by Fergie (I know, I know…mock me all you want)


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Keep It Simple

September 9, 2013


{ me, Katrina of The Demure Muse, and Bri of Work Clothes I Suppose }


It’s been such a lovely summer that although school is underway I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that it’s still summer. I’m usually such a fall worshiper, too. And usually by the time school starts it begins to get cloudy and rainy and makes it easier to stay working after school and indoors. But this weather? Seriously, it’s perfect out. I know global warming is a danger to us all and stuff, but it’s doing great things for Seattle. Suffice it to say I enjoyed my weekend. Out with friends, an early evening dinner date, a baby shower in Magnuson Park and an evening of games and BBQ on the patio with my amazing friends. To snag a line from Bri#lifeisohsogood.

Speaking of Brie, one of the highlights of my weekend was getting together with Katrina and Bri for brunch on Saturday at local haunt Americana. We had good food, good chat and I always love some good bonding time with those elusive creatures called style bloggers. These ladies are two of my absolute favorite daily reads, plus I’m lucky enough to have them in the same city so it’s great to get together whenever we can. I love that it’s becoming a regular thing. Katrina had on the most amazing glasses! I’m still obsessed. Check them both out immediately if you haven’t already. Thank heaven for a lovely nearly last weekend of summer. I always seem to keep outfits with these jeans pretty simple.

Here’s a couple other ways I’ve worn these pale pink skinny jeans.

pink skinny jeans

left // middle // right }

OUTFIT DETAILS  striped sweater, Banana Republic | pink skinnies, J Brand via Nordstrom Rack | flats, Banana Republic | handbag, Madewell Transport Tote


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featured bloger-classic noise
I love blogs. Just about as much as I love coffee. Well, that’s a huge thing to say, but you get the point, right? In order to celebrate some of my amazing fellow style bloggers and share some blogs with you, I’ve decided to start a new series here at Lindsay Living called Featured Blogger. My goal is to share one new blog and blogger with you each month. I’ll also feature a picture and link to them on the top of my Blog Love page that month, too.
For my first featured blogger I selected someone who I’ve followed for a long time time, Sorren Isler of Classic Noise. Her blog has taken me through not only her style and it’s constant evolution, but it’s also let us readers in on a lot of her personal moments like her recent wedding. Sorren not only has enviable style and a closet to die for, but she’s got a sweet and personal writing style that makes you feel like you’re getting to know her in a real way. Not to mention her photos are some of the most gorgeous photos out there in the blog world.
I’ll be asking each blogger five questions and sharing some of their favorite outfits and some of my favorite outfits of theirs, too. Check out Sorren’s answers after the jump.


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