I recently made a few updates in my studio apartment for spring and have put together a list of some of my best home decor tips for the new season. Today I’m sharing 9 quick tips to make your living room light, bright, and cozy, plus lots more photos of my space.

7 Quick Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Room in a Small Space

1. Paint it white! One thing I did a few years ago in designing my studio apartment was to fill it with tons of white. It makes a small space seem bigger and overall makes it feel light, bright, and airy. I painted my cane-back chair white and reupholstered it in a print that also contained white. I recently picked up this white cage coffee table from IKEA to lighten my space even more. I also have a white table lamp, media console, and bookshelves.

2. Rearrange your accessories! One thing I like to do to spruce things up on the cheap is to rearrange the accessories I already own for a fresh, new look. Rehanging art, changing out a lamp shade, or adding in a colorful foot stool can really freshen a space and make old things feel new again. Right now I’m on a budget (really always!) so making use of old things in new ways plus adding in one inexpensive new item within the confines of my budget helps make everything feel new again.

3. Add in a little plant life! I love plants, and have loved and lost many over the years. I am currently on an air plant/succulents kick. I purchased this darling little terrarium at a charity auction last month and it now sits prominently on my coffee table. I love the vessel and that it could later be hung, replanted, or used in a new way later on. If you worry about killing any plants you might bring home, succulents are so simple! You only water them sparingly every few weeks depending on the variety. Air plants are simple, too. Just lay in a bowl of water for thirty minutes once every week or two for long term success. My air plant (below) sits in a metal hanger made by best friend K.

4. Arrange books by color! I love this tip most because it’s so simple, totally free, takes only about 30-45 minutes depending on how many books you have, and garners the most compliments of anything I’ve done to my space. Here I’m using the IKEA Kallax 5×5 bookcase in white, which really lends itself to groupings of books by colors. Break up the colors with areas of neutrals like white, black, and grey-spined books. Hide leftovers at the bottom of the bookcase or behind furniture where no one will see it. You can also coordinate your art to the colors in your bookcase for a more cohesive look.

5. Add a pop of color! Over the fall and winter months I keep my space more neutral with a focus on grey, black and white. I also love mixed prints, which is clear from my liberal use of print. In the spring and summer months I punch up my design with a few shots of bold color, like that of this bold stool, some bolder art, and bright pillows and throw blankets. It’s easy to switch these things out with other items from my storage, and matches the season. Don’t get too wrapped up in perfectly matching unless you want it to look like a catalog. I much prefer what I call “slant matching” where colors and prints coordinate rather than match. And above all else, choose colors that fill you with joy!

6. Wash your windows! I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s absolutely necessary. Once the sun comes out, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning. Remember to thoroughly clean glass windows from top to bottom, dust blinds, clean window sills, etc. You don’t want anything holding in that amazing sunshine or ruining the atmosphere of your home with spots, smudges, or dust.

7. Rearrange your furniture! One of the easiest and cheapest ways to freshen your space is to move the furniture into a new arrangement. I rearrange my furniture quite regularly, at least a couple times per year. That’s a bit excessive for most people, but I must say it reinvigorates not only my space, but also my frame of mind moving into a new season. I live in a tiny studio apartment, but you’d be surprised how many different ways I have arranged the furniture. I always map things out on paper first, measure furniture, walls, and rugs, and make sure it will work before doing the hard work. You’d be surprised how much this can make an old home or apartment feel brand new again!

8. Add a space heater for extra cozy! Although the sun is shining, spring often comes with unpredictable temperatures and chilly evenings. Keep things warm and cozy in your space with a little space heater. It will warm an area quickly and efficiently, is easily portable to any area of your home, and it’s easy to store when not in use. I’m loving the Honeywell 360° Surround Fan Forced Heater, and Ruby loves it, too! It helps us stay cozy no matter what the spring weather brings and will keep us cozy season to season.

9. No matter your home decor style, make your home reflect what’s uniquely you. There are so many books, articles, TV shows, blogs, and tips out there in the home decor space, but it’s important to ensure your home reflects your personal style, interests, hobbies, travel, and personality. Take some time to look through the advice, but at the end of the day, choose things that fill you with joy and make you feel grateful to call your house or apartment your home. Designing my space (and redesigning it bit by bit over the years) has filled me with great joy and pride and I truly love walking in the door. If you don’t feel this way, take steps big or small to get closer to this feeling. You work hard everyday and deserve a space you feel proud of and that reflects what’s important to you!

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Living Room Details

sofa, West Elm ‘Henry’ sofa | rug, Pottery Barn ‘Scroll Tile Rug’ | cane-back chair, vintage, refinished and upholstered by me | ikat print chair, originally Crate & Barrel, reupholstered by me | coffee table, IKEA ‘Kvistbro’ | bookcase, IKEA ‘Kallax’ | ‘Love’ pillow, Jonathan Adler | green flower embroidered pillow, Pottery Barn | braided foot stool, Target | space heater, 360° Surround Fan Forced Heater c/o Honeywell | floor lamp, IKEA | media console, IKEA ‘PS Cabinet’ | throw blanket, West Elm | milk glass table lamp, Pottery Barn | side table, IKEA ‘Vejmon’