before photosOne of my favorite things to do is spend time beautifying my space. I even made it one of my 2105 goals to refine my home style to make my little studio a happy space that I can enjoy to the fullest. I’m going to be sharing tidbits from my redesign here in a new series I like to call “Happy Home”.

When I was a kid, my mama was an interior designer and I used to love to flip through paint samples and fabric books with her at her store, and go with her on jobs to help arrange the furniture in client’s homes. My early decor interested found its way into my childhood bedroom, and I would experiment with different arrangements of furniture and art  at my house growing up. Decor has always been another creative outlet for me and I love playing around with things to achieve what feels like a fresh start, even in an old space.

Recently, since getting my iPad and pinning up a storm, I found a few big inspirations. First, I fell in love with Toronto design student Tiffany Leigh’s apartment and couldn’t get enough of the photos of her home tour on The Everygirl. From there I found The Everygirl founders Alaina Kaczmarski’s apartment and Danielle Moss’s apartment super intriguing. All three homes have such a great balance between that eclectic, layered, gathered-over-years style that I crave and the color palette cohesion I felt was really lacking in my place. I have always been a big believer that you don’t need a big space to have big style, and that with small changes you can achieve big results. These girls were doing just that.

For more empty apartment photos, follow me after the jump.

Before I can really get into sharing my redesign with you, I thought I should go back to when I first moved in and show you what my little Capitol Hill studio looked like before before. The above photo is the main room of my studio that you see when you walk in the front door. Ahead is a small entry space, and then the main living/bedroom area. These photos were taken in April 2013, when I first moved in.

DSC_0835This is the doorway from the main room into the dining area straight ahead and when you turn left you’ll find my tiny galley kitchen.

DSC_0836Currently I live in this tiny studio in historic building on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. It’s a brick, collegiate gothic style building built in 1929. I was looking for one of these beautiful old brick buildings that Capitol Hill is known for and was thrilled when I found this apartment. It’s a top floor corner unit with windows on two sides, westward facing and it gets great circulation and natural light. It may be small, but it’s reap with charm. It has original hardwood floors, moldings, and tile in the bathroom. Although it could use some updating, it’s a great space.  The best thing about this apartment is the incredible view. It boasts beautiful panoramic views of the Seattle skyline and the nightly sunsets are simply divine. I never knew how amazing it was to have a view before I stumbled onto this great apartment.

DSC_0839The door on the left is one of two doors into my walk-in closet, and the door to the right is my front door.

DSC_0832Although they’re a bit old, I love the original honeycomb tiles in the bathroom. They are green and white.

IMG_1761In my next Happy Home post, I’ll be sharing the original layout and furnishings in my studio, the jumping off point for the updates I’ve been working on. In upcoming posts I’ll be sharing bits of my new design from rug selection, accessorizing, hanging a gallery wall, and remixing thrifted furniture finds. ‘Til next time, have a great week!