blue-end tables
Once I got painting I knew immediately it was time to tackle my end tables. I’d been iffy on them for several years, loving the bones and mid-century styling but hating the brown color and beat up look they were beginning to have. I decided to keep the white portions white and paint over the brown areas to make them look fresh and new and to fit in with the color palette of my apartment redesign. For full photos and details on the end table makeover join me after the jump.


Really any open space is a cue for Ruby to investigate. That cat kills me. Luckily she’s polite enough to excuse herself before the paint comes out. First I washed them with a little dish soap and water, let them dry, sanded them with a 220 grit block, and primed them. I concentrated on a light even coat and let that dry completely overnight.


The next morning I painted them a semi-gloss light grey, Olympic One’s Flagstone. It might be my favorite paint ever. I love the glossy finish and they’re so easy to wipe down and care for. The paint is a little higher quality, but still inexpensive and more durable. It went on and dried very evenly. I did two light coats, waiting for the first to dry before applying the second. I did no sanding between coats and they turned out perfect. I took off the blue tape protecting the white areas before they were completely dry to keep my paint lines solid.


I ordered Isaac Mizrahi shelf paper from Amazon in a coordinating black and grey rose print which totally added that extra oomph to put me over the top in love with them. It was super easy to put the shelf paper into the drawers perfectly using easy youtube tutorials. I love opening the drawers and seeing that adorable print peaking out!

DSC_1327 DSC_1330

Although it’s a fair amount of grey in one area, I think the color I selected blends in well and it gives the space a much softer feel.


Bit by bit the space is coming together and getting a more cohesive look without losing the whimsy that is the cornerstone of my style. It’s finally starting to feel like a collection of items that were meant to meet up in the same space. With my newly white lamps (more on that to come) on top the look of these end tables is fresh and clean, and the wall is ready for the upcoming gallery style hanging project. That’ll be up in the next Happy Home post!