August was a crazy busy month and now that school has started my days are only going to get busier. Despite this, somehow I found the time to rearrange the furniture in my tiny studio (yet again!) and I am super happy with it. My little home office has relocated from in front of the window to the wall next to my bookcase. I was thrilled at the opportunity to create a cluster of hanging art on the wall above while still enjoying the view to my right. The move also freed up some more space for my living area, which I plan to share with you soon.

For the full details and shopping sources for most things continue reading after the jump.

DSC_0523I love filling my home with memorable items, especially treasures from my travels and old photos. These gems shouldn’t collect dust on too high a shelf or get forgotten stuffed in a box in the garage. This little framed photo is of my and my mother back in 1982 when I was still a little one. It’s one of my favorite pictures of us and I’m so glad that now I get to see it everyday, even if I was a super roly-poly baby! I found the frame at Target years ago. The “Trust” rock was a gift from a friend.

DSC_0511 DSC_0517 I snuck another couple of favorite photos on my desk. The one at the top, taped to the glass of the gold picture frame is of my mama and three of her sisters when they were all teenagers in the 1970s. The framed one below is of my mama in front of the Christmas tree when she was a girl. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

DSC_0524 DSC_0526It was challenging to get this gallery wall hung just right, especially to cover the big electrical panel (behind the large painting) and going around the thermostat. Under most circumstances I would always advise hanging an odd number of pieces in any wall arrangement, but this just seemed to work for me. I might add something else over time, but I wonder if maybe the thermostat visually breaks it up, even though I’d just like to to disappear. I’d like to find something long to hang above the large painting to add one more layer to this wall.
DSC_0527If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m obsessed with this desk chair. I shopped long and hard for the perfect one and this one truly is that. It’s a little deep and with the low back having a cushy pillow in the back really makes it perfect for my back. Barrel style chairs are my favorite, and this one didn’t disappoint. I found it on Wayfair. They have a TON of great options for any room.

Well there you have it! I should have emptied the trash and hidden the cords before shooting, but what can I say, that’s real life. It’s been hard finding the time to blog lately so thanks for sticking with me, friends! I have a three day weekend ahead of me and lots to share with you so keep your eyes pealed for new posts soon.

Home Office Sources

White Parsons style desk, West Elm (found used on Craigslist)

Barrel back desk chair, Wayfair

Plaid pink pillow on chair, West Elm

Desk lamp, IKEA

Gold Swingline stapler, Nate Berkus for Target

Gold and white tape dispenser, Nate Berkus for Target

Gold scissors, Nate Berkus for Target

Both picture frames on desk, Target

Trust rock, gift

L initial mug, Anthropologie

@ symbol, thrifted at Goodwill

Mark Tobey print, thrifted at Value Village

Trees painting, by Seattle artist Pamela Mills

Small painting of bird in tree, by Spokane artist Linnea Tobias

Small framed fiber art with fish, purchased on vacation in England

Blue and white pottery style mouse pad, purchased on my trip to Taiwan