blue-gallery wall
Once I had the furniture rearranged I couldn’t wait to get some art up on the walls. I’m a firm believer that if you want to make your art feel new again, simply rehang it. If you change the pairings and locations of your pieces, even ones you’ve had forever, you’ll start to see them in new ways and appreciate them all over again. For more photos and details on how I put it together, follow past the jump.

With this in mind I played with tons of variations on hanging my art, but I kept coming back to the idea of a gallery wall. Here area a couple early ideas laid out on my living room rug.

DSC_1298 DSC_1299 DSC_1300

See, the trick is I don’t have a hug wall in my living room to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my top floor corner apartment with windows on all sides. It makes my apartment feel light, airy and amazing. The fact is the only real wall space I have in the main room is this area above my lamp, between the windows to the left of the sofa. It’s also close to the bedroom area and it all had to coordinate to bring the apartment together. I found Emily Henderson’s blog post very informative, and it also made me want to go out and buy all new art. Inspiration can be a slippery slope, but I avoided temptation and stuck to my favorites. I loved her tip about anchoring the wall with one big piece to start with.


Once I got hanging I tried putting up my laid-on-the-floor plan, but it didn’t quite fit around the lamp as I had envisioned. And I was unwilling to move the lamp and side table. I quickly reverted to a more guess and check style of hanging which took quite awhile to get just right. I had gathered all my art together and had a lot to choose from, plus most of my art has bold color, so it all had to loosely coordinate to create balance and cohesion within the room. It took several attempts and I visited and revisited my favorite pins of gallery walls on my pinboards, most notably Tiffany’s and Alaina’s. Checking in with my inspirations pushed me to keep going toward my original intentions even when it got frustrating even when I became a perfectionist about it.


After much work I finally put together a wall I’m in love with. I love how the colors of the art play off one another, there’s a good variation in size within the group, and they tie in with carefully placed accessories (still a work in progress). One hot tip is to put on self-stick rubber dots on the bottom corners of each piece you hang so they don’t slip around on the wall and become crooked. The level was my best friend in this project, as it is with any hanging project only magnified by a thousand with hanging this many things so close together. Whew!

I have so many more art ideas floating around in my head for other areas of the apartment so stay tuned for more art arranging in upcoming Happy Home posts.

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