One of the things I pin like crazy is ideas for my apartment. I’m constantly on the hunt for more ideas. I always have something floating around in my head and I love  learning from what other people have done in their own homes. In decor there’s endless possibilities.

While researching my latest apartment redesign projects I did a ton of pinning. Not much in the way of how to-projects, but more focused on inspiration photos. Everything I pinned was stuff I reacted positively to. Every time I got stuck on decisions like paint color, fabrics, selecting a rug, anything, I pulled up Pinterest on my phone and referred back to my favorite photos. It helped me to focus my design to ensure I was staying true to my original vision.

Interested in the inspirations behind my little Capitol Hill studio? Visit my Apartment DIY board.

If you’re a teacher, too, I’ve been pinning tons of classroom ideas and SIOP (ELL) ideas.