Hello friends, happy Monday!  Yesterday I had a nice drive over to Spokane to visit my Mama and stepdad and I’ll be traveling around Washington the rest of the week visiting lots of other friends along the way.  A big part of my trip was packing up my sewing machine to work with my Mama on learning a bit of sewing and making some things to redress my living room.

Yesterday when I arrived, we went straight to the fabric store and set to work selecting the perfect fabrics for my living room redesign.  Just selecting the fabrics was quite a process, and we were there for a few hours making the final decisions.  We worked hard to gather an eclectic group of textiles that would work cohesively to create a unique Domino-inspired look.  I am super pleased with the results and here you’re just getting a sneak peak of some of the pillows we made.  You’ll have to wait for the finished product in a future post when the living room fully comes together.

Some future challenges I identified while working on this project were…

  1. I need a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat for home decor sewing.  It makes it SO much easier to measure and cut that straight line.
  2. Since I am going to hand sew the closures to the pillows I tried to sew 6″ from the sides to leave a smaller hole at the opening for me to hand sew.  In the future I really need to do just 4″ on the sides to ensure I don’t pull a seam while trying to stuff the pillow inside.  Whoops!

Today I’m going out in search of  two more down pillow inserts for another two pillows I’m making today and will work on closing up the pillows I’ve already made.  I’m also going out to dinner with grad school buddy Leila of Spinach and Skittles.  If you haven’t visited her witty food blog yet, please do, and continue to follow me this week throughout my spring break travels and adventures.