I had a pretty amazing weekend.  It was the fourth of July (sigh), my seventh wedding anniversary (double sigh) but before all that on Saturday I styled my first fashion shoot for Seattleite.com.  I recently got a gig as their weekly style contributor and (lucky me!) I also get to work some events like this summer fashion shoot.  Suffice it to say I had a blast.

Below are some of the snapshots I took from the sidelines during the shoot, and I will post again soon when the finished product hits the site.  Until then please visit the webpage of master photographer David Wentworth and of course Seattleite.com. A special thanks to David, as well as my amazing interns Lizzie and Karen and our models Stephanie George and Ian Coles.

All clothes on loan from Neiman Marcus, shoes from Neiman Marcus and Aldo, jewelry courtesy of my personal jewelry box.