DSC_0203Amidst the busyness at the end of the school year for this teacher (assessments, endless grading, report cards, finishing my professional certificate, oy!) I’m so glad that I made the time to attend a special Iced Tea event at Teavana in downtown Seattle’s Pacific Place. I’m even happier that it’s summer and I’ve finally gotten around to posting the photos from the event!

The store is completely lovely from top to bottom, the staff is knowledgable and inspiring, and the teas are…wow. I have no words. Upon walking in the door we were treated to lovely Raspberry Limeade Teatinis (pictured above) that were super delish!




There were a few other Seattle bloggers there that night including Tina from Just a Tina Bit, Alix from Alix Rose, Keridwyn from Seattle Pockets, and Sheila from She is Lovely. Alix and I have been to several of the same events over the years and actually have some common friends, but it was nice to actually talk with her at Teavana. I was excited to meet Sheila, too. I’ve loved her blog for quite some time and she’s just darling in person.

teavana4 teavana5teavana6

We were lucky to have a fabulous iced tea teacher in the house, Naoko Tsunoda, Master Teologist for Teavana. Although I drink hot tea at home on the regular, I never make iced tea at home. Naoko taught us all about Matcha, a pure, organic Imperial grade tea made from the choice ingredients that promotes feelings of focused vitality. It’s pretty amazing. Each of us were gifted a Teavana Perfect Tea Maker and some Pineapple Berry Blue loose tea, a measuring spoon, Perfectea Rock Sugar and an adorable tea cup to try it out at home. Tina was super brave and jumped up to try out making one of the teas! You can learn more about our teacher Naoko and her journey in the art of tea-making by following her on twitter @naoko_san1


teavana8 teavana9 teavana10 DSC_0206

I’m so excited to try out some iced teas at home this summer! Have you ever done loose leaf iced tea at home? I’d love to hear your about your favorites and tips! Thanks again to Teavana for a fun evening!