Hello out there.  This is Lindsay reporting in for duty.  I slept in on this delightful Saturday morning after staying up late watching two fabulous movies on Netflix: my new favorite, “Love & Other Disasters” (which you must see as soon as humanly possible since it’s delightful in every way) and “New York, I Love You” which is a bit more serious but is also fabulous.  

Love & Other Disasters

Now onto the real work of this blustery Seattle Saturday, beginning the process of cleaning out my closet.  A few months ago when I was still living and desperately seeking work in Spokane (a smaller city in Washington) and rapidly gaining stress weight as I snarfed up cookies while filling out endless job applications I got frustrated with a closet full of clothes that did not fit and did a massive purge.  In said purge I got rid of a TON of stuff.  My friend Ashley talked me out of getting rid of some of my favorite pieces (thank heaven) but I could not be stopped from the rest.  

My walk-in closet was stuffed to the brim, so that was probably a good call.  

At the end of August I got the shock of my life when I got not one, not two, but four interviews, one of which resulted in a job and a move to Seattle leading to a much smaller closet.  

I believe strongly that you should love and be able to wear everything in your closet at any given time, thus the mass purge in July when I was feeling fat.  That said, now that I have settled into a life that gives me a sense of pride and calm and I have lost most of my stress weight I am really missing my black feminine military peacoat!  I’ve now amended my rule to allowing myself to keep a few meaningful items that would be hard to replace if you get back to your prior weight.  See, even this teacher learns new things everyday!

Today I’m working on whittling down my shoe and bag collection to a manageable group that I will wear and use on a regular basis.  This required dusting off those bins under the bed and endless stacks of shoe boxes and getting serious about what I actually use.  

More next time, babies.  😉

(I totally stole that from Jacks in Love & Other Disasters.  Seriously, go see it!)