Anyone who knows me at all understand that the scarf is a major part of my fashion diet.  I OD’d on them last spring and have been trying to ramp down my wears per week by at least fifty percent.  So far, this pursuit is markedly successful, although I still have the occasional relapse.  

The great thing about the scarf is that you can find one in any color, pattern, weight, fabrication to suit any ensemble and they’re always available on sale at the finest retailers.  So even if you can’t afford that gorgeous silk blouse, you can still take home one fabulous silk scarf.  

As I continue to sort each category of my overstuffed closet space, I approached the scarves thinking this was a place I could definitely cut back.  Clearly, CLEARLY I have too many.  I dumped out the garbage bag that’s been leftover since the move on the living room carpet and started to fold and sort by weight (heavy, thick fabric pile and light fabric pile).

For the record I also found some gloves and a hat.  I can admit that I NEVER wear the hat.  Thick bangs + snug wooly hat = hat head + frizz … now there’s an equation I should share with my third graders!

The intent to sort was ultimately derailed because of the very reason scarves are so wonderful: they go with everything!  I could find no easy way out, automatic elimination system to purge this pile.  They’re all in style, I like them all, they all fit, I can envision an outfit with each one in it.  

Purge paused pending further review.