Cleaning out and organizing your (my) closet is exhausting and treacherous work.  For one thing, it’s just freakin’ obnoxious.  It’s not exactly fun work and every time I attempt it I always feel like it’s 90-95% done.  It never feels like 100%.  There’s always a lame little pile of maybes that just won’t quite fit.  I think the only possibility that this OCD crazy person will ever feel like it is complete is if I spent a ridiculous fortune one one of those elfa closet systems.  As if.

Just as in my work life, I have dissected the successes and opportunities in the current state of my sad little closet.  (My condolences if yours is smaller.)  Here goes…

What’s Working:

  1. Shoe Storage: Over the door rack for frequently worn shoes, plastic boxes to house seasonal and special occasion shoes: They’re easy to grab on a busy morning and easy to find for events.
  2. Matching Wooden Hangers:Everything hangs at the same level, wooden hangers are durable and metal hooks are easy to slide across the hangbar.
  3. Double hangbar: If you find yourself with a small closet like mine the double bar is a wonder!  You can find it at the Container Store here.  It’s a great way to separate tops from bottoms while still leaving room for dresses and other longer items.

What’s Not Working:

  1. Storage for folded items: I only get two of the five drawers in our shared marital bureau and have yet to sort through all of my folded items.  Once I complete the sort, I’ll need better bins that will stack on the top shelf of my closet instead of these open top ones that fall into each other.  I also need to accommodate more folded items considering this laundry basket is always overflowing at the end of our bed.
  2. Shoe storage, second thoughts: I’ve whittled down my shoe wardrobe considerably, but still have a hard time finding some things in my everyday life.  While I like having something on the door, I think I might need to try something else.  I’m thinking this open shelf option will hold many more in plain sight, leaving room for more storage boxes on the top shelf.
  3. It never feels like everything is put away: Which clearly proves that I need to do a lot more purging for this situation to work.  Ugh.

Until I figure out exactly what to do and continue my sorting marathon, I still need to do my laundry.  Double ugh.