After dinner yesterday, my husband and I stopped by a fabulous store all decked out with goodies for the holidays and plenty of storable chear: The Container Store.  I took this opportunity to twist my husband’s arm and beg him to let me purchase my desired closet organizing pieces, which actually wasn’t too hard considering the items were very affordable.  

First upOver the Door Shoe Organizer that holds 36 pairs (versus the 10 pairs my previous one held).  Now I can keep my piles of shoes out of the living room and put away.  Plus they will be more accessible as I hurriedly put outfits together in the wee hours of the morning.

And Next: Scarf hanger!  This thing is brilliant!  And for just $5.99 will make my messy pile of scarves a thing of the past.  They are now so much easier to find.

Happy holidays (and happy organizing, too)!