My husband and I have been to the dentist the last three days in a row, which has added up to include three new fillings, two removed wisdom teeth, deep cleaning, fluoride, some serious drug prescriptions, and a whole lotta time wasted in waiting rooms.  The tattered and dated magazine collections I’ve found have become notorious for random selections like Sports Illustrated, Family Circle, and Hot Rods magazines, but today I was pleased to find a new addition, the mother ship…VOGUE.  

I also took some time out to focus on my less than domestic side, with massive cleaning and cooking endeavors which, of course, included more closet organization.

The new shoe rack is working splendidly and even has room for a few new pairs… I received a generous Nordstrom gift card for the holidays and am anxious to hit up the Rack.  The newest addition are the tall bins on the top shelf.  In most closets the top shelf becomes wasted space where we throw all of those sweaters we don’t have room for in the bureau, loose scarves or piles of shoes.  The key to taking advantage of this valuable piece of real estate is the right organizer.

Skubb Box, IKEA, $14.99 for a 3 pack.

Since I share my tiny closet with my hubby, we bought two sets of three.  With my new shoe organizer I was able to eliminate another stack of plastic shoe boxes on the top shelf leaving room for these three bins to sit side-by-side.  The convenient front handles make them easy to pull down and the tall sides mean they hold a LOT more than my old bins.  Hooray!

If you fancy some of these Skubb boxes for yourself, they are available for purchase on the IKEA website, which is nice, considering most of their products are in-store only.