It seems the job of sorting my many items is never complete.  That’s just fine by me, though considering it’s a major part of my closet karma.  I can only make room for new lovely (cheap) finds to come in if I let some fly away to new homes where they may be more loved, used and appreciated.  Up today: the bag of shoes hiding in the back of my closet.  

Although I often show off the many stages of my closet and my ongoing organizational process, I don’t always show the ugly truth; what is covertly hiding behind the skirts. My rule of thumb is if you’ve lived without it for six months and you didn’t wear it this season last year, you can probably live without it forever.  

Although these Joan & David slingbacks aren’t practical for everyday, they are gorgeous for a job interview or special event.  Final Ruling: Keeper.

This matching set of Jessica Simpson wedges have been well worn and well loved, but if given the option of these or one of the many other pairs of shoes in my closet, I keep selecting another option.  Possible Ruling: I’m considering keeping the brown (since I don’t have a lot of brown) and ditching the black (in favor of some other, cuter black options).

For a few years this pair of Kaju pumps was my favorite, most worn pair of shoes. Unfortunately the suede upper has stretched out a lot due to over-wear.  I’ve had the heels replaced two or three times, but these shoes have stretched beyond wearability. Final Ruling:  Sadly, I’ll have to let them go.  

I purchased these Sandy Ho flats in Taiwan last January for fast relief from my heels at the time.  They are cute and a little more interesting than plain black flats, plus they are a bit sentimental from my trip.  Final Ruling: Keeper.

This pair of Banana Republic peep toe slingback flats have seen a LOT of wear.  There was a time I was wearing them to nearly every summer shift while I was still a busy Merchandise Presentation Supervisor there.  They were stylish enough to go with a cute dress, but still allowed me to, “walk with a purpose,” as I used to be fond of saying. Final Ruling: They are too beat up, stretched, and worn out to be comfortable and they remind me of long hours at BR.  Time to say goodbye.

Is anyone else out there perpetually looking for black flats?  Sheesh!!  I have realized that this has become a problem for me.  It’s funny, considering how often I wear heels instead of flats, but some days you just need your go-to cute and comfy flats.  In a previous post I talked about my favorite pair of jewel-toed black flats and the search for a replacement.  This search has been going on for quite some time. These are a couple of the results of that search, though brought home in joy, never quite fulfilled my needs.  

The first pair is by Butter, and is a great shoe except for the lining that popped out and wrinkles up underneath my toes.  If I decide to keep these they will have to be repaired.  The below pair is Liz Claiborne via DSW, a shoe my Mama has in bronze.  I never wear these.  Final Ruling: I can’t decide!  I would love to hear your opinion on both of these!


Cutest Camper wedge Mary Janes with bowtie detail on the toes!  I’ve been looking for these!  Final Ruling: Definitely a keeper!

Although clearly I don’t have much more room in my tiny closet…