Recently I realized my once organized closet had quickly become a hideous mess!  Upon closer inspection I found that my heavy wooden hangers (originally purchased to organize a walk-in I had in Lynnwood, then Portland then Spokane) were jamming up my already tight space. (Yes, this is the first non-walk-in closet I’ve had in the last six years and this is the year I decided to start a style blog. Seriously.)

In a previous post a reader commented that I should save some space by picking up some Huggable Hangers and when I found them on sale at Target last month I had to go for it. The thought of all that extra space was intoxicating! Plus, recently my double hang rod has made it hard to remember my skirts. I figured with the slim hangers it would be easier to keep everything on one level while saving some much needed space. Love.

Here is my messy most recent BEFORE…

And a closeup of how much space the old hangers took up…

And the amazing AFTER!

It’s flat out fantastic how many more items I can fit into the hanging space in my closet!  I have to thank that mystery commenter from awhile back that told me about them (try as I might I can’t find that darn comment, so please let me know if that was you!). After seeing the results, husband got some for his side of the closet, too.  Major improvement.

I still have some overflow shoes that are hanging out on the carpet of my closet so I might have to comb through the shoes again for any sell options.  It’s always impossible to get rid of shoes, though.

I hope you’re having a splendid fourth of July!  Happy Birthday, America!