Hello friends, and welcome to my closet, also known as my happy place. I’m pretty lucky to have a big walk in closet in my apartment, especially since it’s such an old building and it only has one closet. I’ve done a little reorganizing and pretty-izing of it lately and thought it was high time I shared it with you.


I recently put a row of nails above my dresser to artfully organize all of my favorite necklaces and it’s made a huge different getting ready in the morning! I’m seriously an out of sight, out of mind kinda gal, so my whole closet mantra is if I can see it, I’ll wear it. I try to keep as much out in the open as possible  so it’s never hidden my eyes or my brain as I get ready in the morning.


I love that my closet has a window! It’s so nice looking at things in natural lighting. And yes, those flowers are fake, but they’re my favorite flower, never die, and I get to enjoy seeing them everyday.


I keep most of my shoes in clear plastic bins above the hangar in my closet. This way they’re organized, but I can still see them quickly when I’m looking for something or pondering options. I keep my everyday shoes for the current season in an organizer that hangs on the hangbar.


Because my closet is so huge I can fit my whole dresser inside it. This is nice considering I live in a studio and there’s little room for it elsewhere. Plus it adds a little more beauty to this space. This dresser is covered in ornate carvings and has two huge drawers. I bought it from my mama at a garage sale we co-hosted a few years ago and plan to keep it forever. The painting hanging above my necklaces was done by me back in my undergrad days. I was a painting and drawing major and a lot of my pieces were still life paintings of feminine accessories like heels. It’s nice seeing this piece everyday while I’m getting ready.


I swear by Huggable Hangers. They take up so little space that they double your hangbar space. Plus they’re fuzzy and have enough grip to keep even the silkiest little tops from tumbling to the floor. A reader of mine suggested it long ago in the comments of one of my previous closet organization posts, and I ran right out and bought them. Huge difference!


In addition to my hanging necklaces, I keep other jewelry in my jewelry box, on my ring holder, and in little baskets. For the most part I can keep everything organized and find what I’m looking for quickly.

accessory bins

Under my closet I have four bins that I use to organize my accessories. Two big bins hold my chunky scarves and handbags, and two small bins house my clutches and sunglasses, gloves, wallets, etc. It’s easy to find what I’m looking for because everything has it’s place.


I keep wine bottles in my tall boots to keep them standing up straight. I keep them in the back of my closet behind the bins. All other boots and booties sit on the floor and are easily accessible on busy mornings.

hanging accessories

Belts, everyday shoes, and light scarves hang on organizers on the hangbar. A few handy closet organizers like this make a huge difference in being able to keep things neat and tidy. I also go through everything in my closet a couple times a year to purge ill-fitting, out of style items I’m no longer attached to. This frees up room for more finds.

Well there you have it. My closet. In the future I hope to come up with some organizing solutions for seasonability, like bins to house my out of season garments and free up more space. I built a great spring/summer wardrobe this year and now I’m working on curating a great set of pieces for fall/winter so it would be handy to put out of season items away when they’re not in use. I also have a couple bags of clothes I’ve yet to sell or donate. Keeping my closet tidy and orderly is a job that’s never finished, but small changes make a huge difference.

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