My jewelry box and the spillage around it has made accessorizing difficult for some time now.  You may have noticed that I wasn’t wearing much jewelry with my outfits.  The real reason behind that isn’t because I’m a simple jewelry-less kind of gal…. oh no no no.  I love jewelry just as much as scarves and shoes and tights and headbands and…well, you get the idea.

The problem was I couldn’t find a darn thing in that crazy box and clearly the mess was taking over the entire top of our bureau.

Interested to see how I cleaned up this situation?  Keep reading to see the after to this before…

First, I gathered everything onto the carpet in the living room so I could spread out.  Another plus was that I could pop in some SATC episodes to keep me entertained during the process.

I knew I had an overload of boxes from receiving items as gifts and from purchasing things at a jewelry party last summer.  At first I thought most of these would end up in the round file.

After I sorted things out into categories, like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. I tried to subcategorize wherever I saw a need. This was most helpful when it came to earrings, considering there are so many different styles.  I’ve held onto these old Tiffany boxes for so long that I didn’t think I could throw them out, until I had a light bulb idea moment.

One of the big problems in organizing my jewelry box is that it immediately messes up again once I start moving things around.  I used the Tiffany boxes to help me sort items on the carpet, and soon found that they fit nicely into the tray of my jewelry box, acting like drawer dividers.  Sweet!

These little boxes helped me to separate all of the small tangly items and to keep them divided by type so I can quickly find things in the morning.  The top box is for bracelets, below that rings with a smaller box inside for stud earrings, and the last box is for dangly earrings.

After I organized smaller items into the top tray using the gift boxes as dividers, I organized chunkier necklaces into the bottom of the jewelry box.  On the front, right side there is another large gift box that I used for some of the more tangly long necklaces.  They fit nicely in there and the box helped to keep them from getting lost amongst all of the larger necklaces.  The black bags in the back right side are items that came with jewelry bags when I purchased them.  This helps protect them from damage when I’m not wearing them.

I got rid of a few things, but much less than I originally anticipated.  I was happy to see that nearly everything is something I still love and have worn/can wear regularly, especially now that I can find everything.  Like every other part of my wardrobe I will continue to monitor it and purge items that don’t get used enough.

I also want to point out how I figured out how to store my beautiful handmade headbands…

That’s right!  I grabbed a glass from my kitchen cupboard and placed one end of each headband inside.  I fanned them out and they sit nicely next to my jewelry box on the dresser.

So there you have it… I finally organized my jewelry and reclaimed the top of my bureau in the process.  With the exception of the five items I chose to donate and the extra jewelry gift boxes I ended up throwing out, everything miraculously fit comfortable inside my jewelry box. I have been wearing jewelry nearly every day since and have unearthed some of my favorite old pieces that I had forgotten I had buried in there. I’ve also been pretty disciplined about taking things off when I get home and putting them right away so that the mess doesn’t creep back in over the dresser. It’s so nice being able to find things that I hope that won’t be a problem.

I love organizational stories, so please leave a link in the comments if you have a posting about organizing your closet or accessories.  Happy organizing!