Fall Outfit Ideas

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In an effort to get excited about putting together more fall outfits, I took a dive through my archives and pulled together some of my favorites from autumns and winters past. Because I lost a lot of weight last year I no longer own most of these pieces, but it gives me an idea about what I should add to my “Holes in My Closet” list. I have also been hoarding some old fall/winter things to sell on eBay, and with my renewed love of sewing I might try to alter some favorite pieces so they fit again. I’ve never done that before so wish me luck! If I’m successful it will feel like Christmas, sans the Visa bill. I wore tights for the first time this season earlier this week and am starting to get my head around the idea of fall, especially now that it’s dark until 7am and cloud cover is taking over the city.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?