The lovely Cassie from Peachy Keen tagged me to share 7 things about my childhood so today in lieu of an outfit post I’ll do just that.  

1. I’ve been obsessed with Halloween for as long as I can remember. Some of my best looks were black cat, pink fluffy cat, witch, sorceress (which is basically witch wearing a crown), French maid, and Mary Tyler Moore.  

2. I am a child of the 80s and was crazy for things like puffy sleeves, slap bracelets, Laura Ashley floral prints, knot-top headbands, and oversized cartoon tees with those side scrunch deals that fit your tee to your waist. Genius.

3. I was a super sing-songy silly-pants.  I sang and danced incessantly and when I was a kid I took songs I liked and changed the words around so that the songs were about my cats. To this day I still dance around my apartment and sing songs about my cats.  Since  I know this sounds totally insane really charming….lol….

4.  This one time, at Disneyland, I left my brand-new Goofy sweatshirt under the seat on the Star Wars ride.  When we went back for it my Mom saw another lady high-tailing it out of the ride with it.  She tracked her down via “Disney police” and demanded it back.  This is an epic story for my Mama and me and I still refer to her as “the Mom-inator”.  

5. In high school I never quite knew what to do with my super-thick hair.  I tried everything including dying it just about every color, testing a million different haircuts (none of which included modern conveniences like a flat iron or thinning it out) and the results were….erm…often awkward.

Above, from top to bottom, left to right: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.

6. I spent a few years in a Catholic school uniform and the minute I broke free I went nuts. Outfits included color days (wearing the same color head to toe), self-imposed mandatory skirt days, and writing down my outfits everyday in a planner, kinda like an early Stylit

7. My friends Stu and Brad and I had insane prank wars with each other in high school. One of the most memorable was this one on my driveway (above), which earned Stu the words “Stu Sux” written all over his car windows in Expo marker.

A little shot of some serious HS fashion…My senior prom.  And yes, my lipstick does match my dress.

Now I would like to tag LydiaLyddieMariel, AmyLeila, and Anna.