Several years ago, when I was living in Portland and didn’t really know anyone (and got a new Mac and wanted to play with every single application on the darn thing!) I started my own YouTube vlog channel. I rambled about cats, sang silly songs, created funny little skits, ranted, and occasionally shared a serious thought or two. One of my videos was even featured on the YouTube People & Blogs Page and got over 200,000 hits! Once I became a teacher I deleted my channel (tear!) which I now kind of regret since I subsequently lost all of the files to my videos. Recently while trying to clean up my hard drive thanks to an Apple Genius Bar epiphany that I’m a (sniff) digital hoarder (sniff) I found a couple remnants of my YouTube past. This short video is the “opening credits” sequence from my vlogging days. Have a quick watch and a laugh, why don’t ya?