While designing and sewing and crafting things for my classroom this year I had the brilliant idea to create a “Welcome” sign with a picture of me from second grade on it.  I found a cute one and the project was a total success, but while looking for photos I stumbled upon what may very well be my first “outfit photos” ever.  Well probably not first, but definitely shot eerily similar to the way husband and I shoot them for this here blog.

The variety of shots my Mama took are great! Especially the “detail shots” which hubby and I always try to get.  We had to laugh when I found these. These shots are from third grade (pretty sure…) circa 1990. I forgot I was such a blondie back then and husband thought it was hilarious that I have virtually the same haircut. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I guess.

Teaching is so lovely and satisfying in innumerable ways and preparing for the year makes me think back on my own elementary days. I loved my second grade teacher. She was like a second grandma and read Charlotte’s Web and gave the best hugs. I hope I will be that awesome this year and make millions of memories with my little squirts.

What’s your best memory from elementary school?