Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

I’m obsessed with my Old Navy Rockstar jeans. L-R: Throwback, My White Christmas, Bomber Jacket.


  • Black Jeans with Holes in the Knees Ever since I picked up a pair of Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans in black with holes in the knees they’ve been on heavy rotation in my closet. I liked them so much I bought another pair, although my favorites are still that first pair. I recommend trying on several before you take one home. I also shrink the hell out of them with each washing to ensure they don’t stretch out too much and maintain their slim silhouette.
  • FaceTime Phone Calls You may remember from this post that I mistakenly dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet. Cue major sads. One very slight upside to this whole debacle is that I’ve been FaceTime calling people to get in touch. It’s so wonderful! I love seeing my mama’s face at the end of a long day.
  • The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal One of my goals this year is to record more of my memories, and this journal makes it incredibly easy. I just write one sentence about each day. The best part is the journal lasts five years so it will be fun to look at the same day over the course of several years.


  • Friends on repeat. Day in and day out. I’ve seen every episode a million times, so it’s easy to throw on in the background when I’m grading papers or working on lesson plans for school. I even watch a little bit when I’m eating my breakfast in the morning. (That makes me sound like a total addict, doesn’t it…?) Loving these funny moments!
  • OMG the Bachelor I mean, how insane is Olivia? I can’t figure that girl out. What the hell was going on here? I agree with her though, I can’t tell the difference between the twins, that is until they went home to visit their mom. My current favorite is Joelle, but I thought her date was a little lame, except for the fireworks, of course. I’m fairly certain producers are planning out the dates, not Ben, but how obsessed are they with helicopter and plane rides? It felt like the tenth date featuring some sort of aircraft excursion. 


  • Fran’s Closet Staples I have loved my friend Fran’s blog, Franish, for a long time now, and was so inspired by her recent post on her closet staples. It’s always fun to see what people put on repeat on their closets. I got some great ideas from her not only about writing a similar post, but also some items I might want to add to my wish list.
  • Jenn’s Best and Worst Books of 2015 I’m always inspired by my friend Jenn’s reading game. That girl cranks through books! Her blog, Hello Rigby is inspiring in many ways, but if you’re looking for something to read this winter, try perusing her reviews of 15 books in this post.

Listening to…

  • iPod Shuffle When my iPhone 6 went for a swim last Friday I panicked about not being able to listen to music and podcasts on my commutes and runs. A little splurge after a tough week, I spoiled myself with an iPod Shuffle in hot pink. I’ve been loving this thing! At just $49, it is light as a feather and its tight clip attaches to just about any part of your clothing and stays there. It’s great for doing chores around the apartment, too!
  • The TED Radio Hour Speaking of podcasts, I’ve been getting back into The Ted Radio Hour from NPR. It’s full of all those fascinating TED talks that I somehow missed or never had the time to search out. 

Planning for…

  • Game Night at My Place I have worked so hard on redecorating my apartment in the last year and have been itching to have friends over for awhile now. I’m hosting a little game night on Saturday with some close friends. I already have tons of games, and am searching out some simple app recipes and cocktail ideas. If you have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them! It’s been awhile since I entertained.
  • How to Be Single out in theaters February 12th is the latest hilarious single gal comedy staring Rebel Wilson who just literally kills me with her humor. Seriously, I can’t control myself when I see that girl. This flick is definitely on the top of my list.

Dreaming about…

  • More Days Without Tights Seattle weather has been thoroughly unpredictable as of late, pouring rain one minute, sunny and in the fifties the next. When those moments of sunshine occur, I try my best to run outside and take some photos. I can’t wait for more consistent days like this one.
  • A Weekend Getaway Friends, I need a vacation. January has been a tough month for many reasons big and small, and I would love to jump on a plane and fly away. Time to save my pennies!