Blog Updates Directions

1. I’ve been having lots of issues with my old blog subscription service, Feedburner and have jumped ship in favor of the WordPress subscription service. With Feedburner, subscribers had to wait until about 10:00 each night for my new posts to arrive in their inboxes. Lame! Now it’s sent out immediately when I hit post. So cool! Sign up today using the form in the sidebar. See the photo above for what it looks like. It’s that little box on the right hand side that says “Blog Updates”. Just type in your email and submit! Bloggers, what service do you use?

2. I went on a little bowling double date with Jim, my sister Michelle and her boyfriend Brandon recently and we had such a great time!  This little video I shot of my sister still makes me laugh! I love to bowl, but I have to admit I’m a little competitive about it. I used to be pretty good at bowling in high school (since there was nothing to do in my small town growing up) so now I always hope that past greatness will come back. We played three games and I was doing pretty good, but I actually won the last game! Can you tell I’m still thrilled about that?

3. I’m loving this collection of apartment organization topics rounded up on Pinterest. This little page is a gold mine of organization inspiration for all parts of your space. I’m gearing up for a big closet clean-out and this board led me to its creator, Anna of Ask Anna, a busy blog jam-packed with cleaning and organizing tips.

4. Speaking of organization, I’ve been wanting to DIY a little ribbon bulletin board for my desk area for some time and Tiffany Leigh has a great step-by-step tutorial with photos. I’m not sure what colors I want to do, but I’d love it if you have any suggestions for me!

5. Bri of Work Clothes I Suppose was recently away on a fabulous African safari honeymoon (jealous!!) and I’ve been enjoying reading through all of the amazing guest posts she lined up for her trip. I’ve gotten to know some new bloggers to follow which has been so fun. I love this post from Nikki of NCsquared Life. Her take on interview/work attire is classic with a little kick thanks to her sparkly pumps.

6. I’ve been working on some more blog collaborations and have some fun posts lined up! I’ll be doing a couple of giveaways soon too including one from Clinique and Allure magazine and one with Michelle Zhou of the Dear Michelle shop on Etsy!