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1. The spring light is arriving and I’ve been taking the most beautiful photos from my apartment. My kitty Ruby was such a perfect cat model the other day, basking in the glow and lounging on my favorite quilt and I got some adorable photos of her. The top one above is my favorite! I have an incredible view of the Seattle skyline from my Capitol Hill apartment, and I also took the third photo on a beautiful clear night. On nights like those, my whole apartment fills with the most beautiful orange glow at sunset and it’s truly divine.

2. I have a couple of lovely collaborations coming up and can’t wait to show you what I received in the mail. Above is a photo of one of them, and it was so beautifully wrapped I had to take a quick snap.

3. Have you seen Bri’s new feature Trav and Bri, Recently? Work Clothes I Suppose is one of my favorite blogs, and not just because I’m friends with the author. This newlywed shares her life in these posts and they are so fun to read.

4. One of my favorite designers, Alaina Kaczmarski of The Everygirl, has moved her personal blog to a new site, alainak.com and it’s simply beautiful! Plus this means she’ll be posting a lot more which I love! And she’s moving (yet again!!) which means she’ll be sharing her work on decorating yet another inspiring apartment. It’s like Christmas came early, you guys!!

5. Since getting my desk set up, I’ve been searching for inspiration on desk styling and I’ve fallen in love with Danielle Moss’s desk. She’s the other co-creator of the Everygirl, and her Lincoln Park apartment in Chicago is absolutely stunning. That desk! Something to aspire to.

6. Tonight I’m going to a VIP screening for the new movie The Age of Adaline with one of my best friends. The movie stars Blake Lively who is living in the 1940s, has an accident, and stops aging forever after. She lives through all of the preceding decades and, as you might expect, problems arise. It looks fantastic! I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Have a lovely day, friends!