Welcome to Music Monday, a weekly post in which I’ll be sharing what’s monopolizing my headphones this week and new discoveries from the skuf bin at my favorite haunt, Everyday Music here in Seattle.  It seemed only fitting to focus my first edition on arguably my favorite band (but that’s hard to say because I have so many…): Beach House.

Beach House is Baltimore indie rock duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand. Alex’s melodical shoegazey intrumentals combined with the wafting sounds of Victoria’s haunting, sullen voice is, in my humble opinion, pure gold.  

By no means is Beach House a new band, but just in case you haven’t fallen for them yet, and to understand me at all, you must take a listen (pwetty pwease).


Teen Dream, 2010, Sub Pop Records (left), Devotion, 2008, Carpark Records (right).

You might be familiar with their most recent release, Teen Dream, but my lovely husband found a used copy of their 2008 release Devotion last week and now I’m addicted to this record as well.  

I’m not shy about saying Teen Dream was a major contributor to my surviving the first half of 2010.  My must listen cuts are “Lover of Mine,” “Walk in the Park,” and “Better Times.”

For some reason their website is kinda jacked up, but you can check it out here.