Meet Jaill, a bouncy, spirited bunch of misfits creating some of the freshest indie rock I’ve heard in awhile. They’re sassy and poppy at times, but lead singer/songwriter Vincent Kircher’s detached lyrical style give off a vibe of cooler than cool.  I thought this band pic was appropriate for this lovely holiday time of year.  

I’m currently enveloped by their July 2010 self-titled full-length Sub Pop release.  I have to admit I picked up the album in the used section mesmerized by the dreamy, washed out cover art, but once I took a sample listen I was hooked.  They’re a lot more upbeat than the cover suggests, and a lot of their songs actually sounds more like fun surf-y party music.  I might have to throw them in next time I host a shindig at my place.

The album is well balance between their more mellow material and their rockin’-out-in-the-car songs.  I prefer the latter considering I so rarely find a lively bunch of indies that don’t fall into the overtly pop category.  My must hear cuts include “She’s My Baby,” “Snakes Snakes,” and “Everyone’s Hip”.  It’s fun to see a band that’s been at work awhile finally come into the light. 

Too bad they’re touring in the midwest right now.  I think I missed them when they visited the Emerald City 🙁

Find more info and video at their official site