C’est La Mort, The Fuzzy Ball, Neumo’s December 16, 2010.

In addition to my regular Music Monday post, I wanted to tell you a little bit about a concert the hubbs and I went to last Thursday.  We are lucky enough to call Capitol Hill home here in Seattle, and that means we are just steps away from our favorite places on Earth, including Neumo’s, arguably my favorite concert venue.  While it’s not as fancy (with seats!) as the Paramount or other establishments, the bands that come to play are simply the best.  

Thursday December 16th, Neumo’s was home to The Fuzzy Ball, a shoegaze festival with nine local bands.  If you haven’t gotten into shoegaze music I would suggest doing a little research on iTunes, or stay tuned to this blog where I’ll inevitably feature some of my favorites from this addictive genre.  

The concert started with a band called Ten Million Lights (pictured above) which was made up of one girl guitarist, two guy guitarists and no drummer.  One of the guitarists controlled a sound machine that held the beats for each song.  While the guitar riffs were excellent and they had a unique sound, I would like to see how their sound could improve with a flesh and blood drummer.  

Another band of note was C’est La Mort who I was instantly captivated by because of the look of their lead singer/bassist.  She came out with this layered lace dress, layers and layers of faux pearl necklaces, a 1920s black bob with a short little fringe of bangs and to top it all off…ankle books laden with straps and buckles.  She had some difficulty with the sound team and later when I spoke with her out on the floor she said that for most of the set she couldn’t hear herself at all.  Regardless her haunting voice floated gracefully over the heavy guitars.  I would love to hear more of them soon.

My favorite new discovery of the evening was the upbeat and fantastically unpredictable Rick Bain & the Genius Position.  Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this group of self-admitted psychedelic rockers offered a rousing show that had lead singer/guitarist Rick’s skills are as mature as his vintage clothing style, and he surprised everyone when he stroked the strings with his teeth and shook the guitar in front of the speakers creating layered feedback to their already spacey sound.  Check out their 2000 release Crooked Autumn Sun as soon as humanly possible.

The last band we were able to stay to see was the band that brought us to the show, Joy Wants Eternity.  My friend’s boyfriend is a member, but unfortunately he had to have surgery on his hand the day of the show and could not perform.  This obviously affected the band’s performance, which they freely admitted before their set.  I was expecting some more mellow grooves like “From Embrace to Embrace” from their 2007 release, but the slow burning rhythms and guitar heavy sound felt heavy that night.  I’ll have to get out and see them again once Salvatore returns.

Until next time, kiddies… Have a musical Monday!